That's why Michelle Pfeiffer missed the Critics Choice Awards


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 That's why Michelle Pfeiffer missed the Critics Choice Awards
Michelle Pfeiffer hat Corona. © DFree/, SpotOn

'Yep, Covid'

Michelle Pfeiffer (64) should have presented Hollywood legend Jeff Bridges (73) with a lifetime achievement award at the Critics Choice Awards. However, the actress had to stay away from the event at short notice. On Instagram, she explained the reason for her cancellation. 'So sorry to miss the Critics Choice Awards today Yep Covid,' she captioned a photo of Bridges.

She said she was particularly disappointed that she wasn't able to see Bridges accept his Lifetime Achievement Award. Nevertheless, she insisted on addressing a few words of praise to her fellow actors. She quoted the film critic Pauline Kael (1919-2001): 'He (Jeff) is perhaps the most natural and least self-conscious actor who ever lived.' It's what all actors strive for, and Jeff always achieves it...with every role he steps into. Finally, Pfeiffer congratulated Bridges and all nominees.

More corona cases at the Critics Choice Awards

Jeff Bridges received the award for his life's work on Sunday from his 'Big Lebowski' colleague John Goodman (70). In his laudatory speech, he recalled the time spent together. The 'camaraderie and friendship' they felt behind the scenes carried over to the screen, 'all because of Jeff,' Goodman said. 'He was so engaged and nailed his funny 'dude-isms' so effortlessly that no one knew where Jeff left off and the guy started,' Goodman joked. Bridges has a 'wide range of characters' and tends to 'get lost in all of them'.

In addition to Michelle Pfeiffer, other stars missed the Critics Choice Awards due to Covid 19 disease: Colin Farrell (46), Brendan Gleeson (67) and Jamie Lee Curtis (64) were also unable to attend.

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