The 1975 lead singer Matty Healy: His band has no commercial ambitions


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 The 1975 lead singer Matty Healy: His band has no commercial ambitions
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Matty Healy spoke about not wanting The 1975 to be as big as Foo Fighters.

The 'I'm In Love With You' singer admitted his band has no commercial ambitions and would much rather be a 'little emo band' than one of the biggest rock groups in the world.

Asked if he and his band always want to be at the top of the charts, Matty told Music Week: 'If I started caring about it now, it would suck like hell. I said this ages ago everyone wants us to be a huge rock band and we want to be a little emo band. If we go burial then I'll be a lot happier than going to foo fighters, you know what I mean? I love the Foo Fighters but I couldn't do that. It's funny, there's something about me that's very pop and the stuff that comes out of it is pop, but the references never are.' The 33-year-old singer recently announced that The 1975 had decided to do her own tour instead of accepting a huge paycheck to play supporting global megastar Ed Sheeran's tour. Healy admitted that he and his bandmates 'are not worried about aging as a band and continuing to release records.' The star added, 'I've been offered the wrong things for the right money. I took [those offers ] and it's not that I'm proud of myself, but that part of me has been put to the test.' When the 'Chocolate' hitmakers won their first-ever BRIT Award for Best British Music Group in 2017, Matty found it difficult to 'really grasp' the success. On October 14th, The 1975 will release their new album 'Being Funny in a Foreign Language'.

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