The appearances of Kate & William and Harry & Meghan were so different


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  The performance was so different"Fabulous Four"

During this performance, all eyes were on the young royal guard: Prince William (40), Duchess Kate (40), Prinz Harry (37) and Duchess Meghan (41) gathered together in front of Windsor Castle to thank the grieving Britons and look at their letters of condolence. It was noticeable that the two couples were very different in public. The simple reason that could have been explained Royal expert Michael Begasse above in the video.

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Business savvy vs delicate

It was the first time the two couples have been spotted together since March 2020, King Charles is said to have asked his sons to appear together . Given the grief for their grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, the two should brothers to put their quarrels aside, at least for now . No sooner said than done: the Sussexes and Waleses showed up side by side for almost an hour. In doing so, they displayed very 'opposite styles,' as British journalist Camilla Tominey notes. Her observation: 'William and Kate are very business savvy about what they do and very cordial when dealing with the public. And then there's Harry and Meghan, who are more tender,' Tominey said.

The 'Fab Four' present themselves as a 'unit'

In fact, it was noticeable that the royal dropouts Harry and Meghan were constantly looking for physical contact with each other and holding hands, while William and Kate seemed more reserved. Body language expert Judy James put it this way in an interview with FEMAIL: 'The four line up to suggest some kind of unity and it's William who, with his bloated chest and confident demeanor, like the leader works.” James sees the fact that Meghan is always there to hold Harry's hand as a sign of “comfort, support and encouragement”. The expert also notes that Kate always seems to distance herself from the group.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex clearly reconnected as they read the messages left by mourners in memory of the Queen. 'Meghan touches his back, gives little snuggles and other signs of attachment, and there are a few moments where she's the one who looks over to communicate with William and Kate,' James said. Her open and relaxed manner meets statesmanlike distance. But Michael Begasse also finds the right explanation for this in the video above. (lkr)

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