'The big hit farewell': Last appearance by Jürgen Drews


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"Der große Schlagerabschied": Letzter Auftritt von Jürgen Drews
'The big hit farewell': The last appearance of hit star Jürgen Drews. © imgo images/Andreas Weihs, SpotOn

He wants to say thank you

The farewell to pop star Jürgen Drews (77) is on the TV program this Saturday evening. The way there began with the announcement of his nervous disease in July 2021. In an interview with the 'Bild' newspaper, the singer revealed that he was suffering from a so-called 'peripheral polyneuropathy': 'The nerves are no longer doing what they should. ' In June 2022 he then canceled appearances. 'For me, too, these physical limits that I had to experience are completely new and I have to learn to deal with them,' he wrote, among other things, in a long Instagram post.

Just one month later, the time had finally come: The King of Mallorca announced his farewell. In the show 'The Big Schlager Beach Party 2022 - Here we go again!' (July 2022, Das Erste) by Florian Silbereisen (41), the singer said in a single player: 'Since I'm at an age when others have been retired for a long time, I also said to myself: At some point it will be good.' Drews further explained that he feels very comfortable in his own skin. He goes 'without grumbling, I have my Ramona, I'm fine, I'm healthy, so if not now, then when?' In addition, the singer said in the video: 'Before I really break down, I would like to say goodbye. Thank fate. With you, with you. It was a good time.'

Ramona Drews stands behind him

Wife Ramona Drews (49), whom he met in 1991, supports the hit star even in this time of upheaval. 'It goes without saying for me to take every decision with Jürgen, no matter how it turns out,' she explained to the 'Bild' newspaper in July 2022. Even then, she also explained that the decision was 'exactly right'.

'The big hit farewell'

Florian Silbereisen is now presenting the big farewell show for Jürgen Drews. In 'The Big Hit' (January 14, 8:15 p.m., Das Erste), the King of Mallorca is on stage for the very last time. Once again he sings his hits, once again he celebrates a party - together with Marianne Rosenberg, Anna-Maria Zimmermann, Oli P, Bernhard Brink, Alphaville, Maite Kelly, Roland Kaiser, Ben Zucker, Ross Antony, Mickie Krause, Melissa Naschenweng, Thomas Anders, David Hasselhoff, Andy Borg, Beatrice Egli, Andreas Gabalier and many other stars.

The show was recorded on October 22nd at the Media City Atelier in Leipzig. In pictures that were taken at the time, the music star in a light-colored suit with black lapels and a bow tie is fighting back tears. Even with wife and daughter not a dry eye stays.

A best-of album at the end

Jürgen Drews had his breakthrough in 1976 with the song 'Ein Bett im Kornfeld'. Since Friday (January 13th), the best-of album 'Geil war's... Danke Jürgen!' with 24 songs available.

The cult singer was supported by long-time companions, good friends and well-known artist colleagues such as Howard Carpendale, Florian Silbereisen, Ben Zucker, Maite Kelly, Ross Anthony and Mickie Krause.

With daughter Joelina Drews (27) he sings the ballad 'We've Got Tonight' in a duet. And a special highlight is the previously unreleased exclusive track 'Until I Can't Breathe Anymore', which Jürgen Drews dedicated to his wife Ramona.

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