The death of Queen Elizabeth II moves GZSZ star Ulrike Frank: 'I admired her very much'


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Ulrike Frank was very moved by the death of Queen Elizabeth II.
Ulrike Frank was concerned with the death of Queen Elizabeth II, as she explains to us on the red carpet at the German Acting Awards. © RTL

The whole world mourns Queen Elizabeth II. - from heads of state to countless royal fans to celebrities. Also GZSZ actress Ulrike Frank belongs to it. On the red carpet at the German Acting Prize in Berlin, she explains in an RTL interview: ' I admired her a lot.” The 53-year-old was very 'occupied' with the death of the Queen. Also because she has a personal connection to England – and has even visited the Queen's home.

Ulrike Frank's sister lives in England

Ulrike Frank has been to Scotland several times in 2022, one of her favorite travel destinations. In the RTL interview, she also explains why: 'My sister lives in England. We are very much in England, in Scotland. We have also been to Balmoral Castle.” The place where the Queen fell asleep forever on the afternoon of September 9, 2022. 'Yes, of course, that's something that I'm totally, yes, occupied with,' says Ulrike Frank.

It was only in August that the GZSZ actress spent time at her personal 'favorite place' and shared it with her fans on Instagram.

'It can be very difficult now'

The life of Queen Elizabeth fascinates Ulrike Frank: 'What this woman has achieved for so long and how she has done it. Apparently she worked so much in the background that you didn't even know [...] I think it will stand for continuity. For wanting to keep the family and the country together.”

The actress suspects that on King Charles a turbulent time is coming: 'It can also be very difficult in the near future, because there is a lot of movement.'

In the video: All information about the farewell of the monarch

  All information about the farewell to the monarch

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