'The disease cannot be cured': Sophia Thomalla has a rare genetic defect


Writed by - Andy Gocker
"Krankheit ist nicht heilbar": Sophia Thomalla hat seltenen Gendefekt
Sophia Thomalla on the red carpet. © imago/SKATA, SpotOn

Help for affected girl

Presenter Sophia Thomalla (32) has suffered from a venous malformation since birth. The 32-year-old now explained this in her Instagram stories. Translated, that would mean 'vascular malformation,' she said about the disease: 'It's a very, very rare genetic defect.' To this day, the doctors couldn't really explain 'where it came from'. She has had 'countless surgeries' in her life. The next operation is already pending, says Thomalla. 'My right forearm is affected.' Elsewhere, the TV star says: 'The disease cannot be cured - in over 90 percent.' And she added: 'It shouldn't be a whining, I'm fine, I'm not very restricted either, except that I have to have it checked annually.'

Help for affected girl

The presenter makes her illness public for a good reason. Few doctors specialize in it. Her doctor in Hamburg, who has been treating her for a long time, has now told her about a story that touched her, Sophia Thomalla continues. A girl from Russia has the same disease as her, only much worse, the whole right leg and part of the buttocks are affected. This girl needs to be operated on quickly. In Russia, however, there are no possibilities to treat them. That's why the specialists in Hamburg want to help. The little girl's problem, according to the moderator: 'No one wants to donate to her because she comes from Russia.' Thomalla finds that 'incredibly sad' because: 'What does the poor girl have to do with the war?' Thomalla is now asking for donations for the child on Instagram.

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