The Geissens: Do Shania & Davina take over their parents' business? That's what Robert Geiss is planning!


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Shania & Davina help with the collection - and want money!

Want Shania and Davina Geiss eventually take over their parents' company? This question also arises Robert Geiss - and that's why 'The Geissens' travel in the new episode of their RTLZWEI documentary soap (see here on RTL+) together to Istanbul. 'I want to show my children a little bit how to work on a textile collection' , is Robert's plan. And it works: Shania and Davina help with the selection of fabrics, colours, patterns and cuts and have very specific ideas when it comes to the new 'Roberto Geissini' collection. However, the sisters don't do this just for fun. Because they also want money - or rather shares in the company, as we show in the video above.

Robert Geiss has serious thoughts

Robert takes his children to a supplier “So that they have a little insight into how the whole thing works. Being able to smell it a bit, whether they enjoy it, whether they want to continue 'Roberto Geissini' at the end of the day, or whether I have to think about selling the company.'

As soon as they arrive at the supplier, Shania and Davina throw themselves into the action and work on the new collection. They know exactly what they want and, above all, what they don't want. They don't like the taste of Carmen and Robert 100 percent...

"Die Geissens" arbeiten gemeinsam an der neuen Kollektion für "Roberto Geissini"
'The Geissens' work together on the new collection for 'Roberto Geissini' © RTLZWEI

'Every ten percent and I still have 80'

Shania and Davina want to prove themselves, but not for nothing! 'We're only halfway through with the collection check, my children are already starting and want to have shares in the company' , smiles Robert.

But the work is far from done with a few designed pieces of clothing. 'If you want something, you have to take responsibility,' is Robert's motto. His idea: “In the end, both of them have to get involved in the company. If Davina takes over more of the business afterwards and Shania does the creative part, then everything is cool, then we won, then everyone gets ten percent and I still have 80.' Ob this business plan really works, only time will tell.

In the video Shania and Davina make it clear: We earn our own money

  This is how Shania and Davina Geiss earn their money

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