'The murderer in me': This is how the new Stuttgart 'crime scene' will be


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"Der Mörder in mir": So wird der neue Stuttgart-"Tatort"
Thorsten Lannert (Richy Müller, r.) and Sebastian Bootz (Felix Klare) have to solve a case of hit-and-run with fatalities in 'crime scene: the murderer in me'. © SWR/Benoît Linder, SpotOn

Find Lannert and Bootz

After the start of the new 'Tatort' season, the Stuttgart offshoot of the crime series will also get into the action next Sunday, September 18 at 8:15 p.m. The inspectors Lannert and Bootz have to solve the case of a fatal traffic accident with hit-and-run in 'crime scene: the murderer in me'. The film does not focus on a story that is as multifaceted as possible, but on real problems including legal sophistry. With success?

That's what 'Tatort: ​​The Murderer in Me' is about

Ben Dellien (Nicholas Reinke, 41) only had to walk a few steps on the wet, evening street to the ditch. The cyclist that he just hit is lying there. But the babysitter has to be relieved, an order has to be completed - Ben is under pressure and just keeps going.

The next day, while Thorsten Lannert (Richy Müller, 66) and Sebastian Bootz (Felix Klare, 43) start their investigations into hit-and-run and negligent homicide and put together the first clues, remorse gnaws at Ben. Why didn't he stop? The lawyer and family man is aware that this was a mistake. Nevertheless, he prefers to cover up the traces of the accident rather than turn himself in. After all, that wouldn't bring the dead man back to life either, but it would destroy the Delliens' lives. Ben and his wife Johanna (Christina Hecke, 43) agree on that.

But the meticulous taking of evidence by Lannert, Bootz and forensic pathologist Vogt (Jürgen Hartmann, 57) is paying off. You're getting closer and closer to the truth. They also meet Laura Rensing (Tatiana Nekrasov, 39), who works at a car wash and could probably help them if she were willing to testify. Ben also fears that Laura has drawn her conclusions and is trying to unobtrusively influence her in his favour. But Laura doesn't want to be drawn into the case if possible and seems to be insensitive to pressure, no matter from which side...

Is it worth turning on?

In any case. This 'crime scene' holds up a mirror to every driver. It's a situation that anyone who has ever driven a motor vehicle dreads: A tiny moment of inattention, a brief distraction - and an irreparable accident has happened. How would you react in such a dramatic situation at the scene of the accident? And what are the consequences of this?

Admittedly, 'The Murderer in Me' isn't really exciting in the classic sense of a crime thriller. Rather, he sends viewers on the realistic journey of a family man who may lose everything because he was unfocused for a moment and then makes a wrong decision. Is there even a murder here because he moved away from the scene of the crime? Or will the perpetrator get away with a light sentence? Details decide about the future of Dellien and years of jail or a harmless fine...

The only real criticism is the abrupt ending. Without wanting to reveal too much: The 'Tatort' fans are left a little alone. The investigative work of the police officers is over and the case for Lannert and Bootz is closed. However, it would be exciting to see how the legal assessment of the public prosecutor's office and the judge would turn out and how Dellien's further life could look like. Nevertheless, it is definitely worth taking a look at Stuttgart on Sunday...

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