The new monarch is King Charles III. - but why?


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 dpatoppictures - September 10, 2022, Great Britain, London: King Charles III. signs an oath to uphold the security of the Church in Scotland, in the presence of his son, William, Prince of Wales, and his wife, Queen Camilla, during the Be
Charles III is solemnly proclaimed king. © dpa, Victoria Jones, bsc

After the death of the Queen, her eldest son is now king. Britain's new monarch calls himself King Charles III (73). However, he could have chosen to rule under a different name - like many previous kings and queens before him. So why did he choose himself for the title of King Charles III. decided?

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'The Queen is dead. Long live the King.'

With the Death of Queen Elizabeth II The United Kingdom and 14 Commonwealth countries have received a new head of state: the Queen's eldest son, King Charles III, at 73. But the heir to the throne, formerly known as Prince Charles or Charles Philip Arthur George Mountbatten-Windsor, would certainly have changed his title can, as reported by The Times.

According to several British media, it would have been conceivable that Charles would decide to take up the post of George VII. George VI was his grandfather, father of Elizabeth, originally baptized Albert. But he didn't want that. The new king is known to the public as Charles, which may have been one of the main reasons for this decision.

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 Prince Charles is now King Charles III.

Charles I and Charles II: Inglorious Stories

So it is not to be taken for granted that Prince Charles became King Charles. Mainly because neither Charles I nor Charles II are particularly positive monarchs in the history of the country. Their inglorious stories go back to the times of religious conflicts and the English Civil War.

Charles I took over the crown in 1625 at the age of 24 and pursued a chaotic foreign policy course during the Thirty Years' War. He was beheaded for treason in January 1649. Charles II did a better job overall, but he still dissolved Parliament on several occasions. In addition, Charles II had a lot of illegitimate children. Let's hope that the reign of King Charles III. a better one than that of its predecessors! (cba)

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