The Queen's most prized possessions: diamonds, paintings and a McDonald's


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Queen Elizabeth left behind some curious possessions
Queen Elizabeth left behind some curious possessions © IMAGO/i Images, IMAGO/Stephen Lock / i-Images,

Queen Elizabeth († 96) died on September 8th and leaves not only a mourning people , but also some possessions that are worth a fortune.

The Queen leaves behind a large - and curious - fortune

The British monarch has amassed a considerable fortune throughout her life. If you now think of jewelry, money and real estate, you are not quite right. There are also some oddities.

Queen Elizabeth owned an extremely valuable collection of brooches, including the 'Williamson Diamond Brooch', which consists of more than 200 diamonds. Today's value is 30 to 35 million euros. The late queen also owned 30 racehorses, valued at around nine million euros.

Paintings and handbags collection

But now it's getting strange: the entire Regent Street, half of the St. James's district and thus many shopping centers are owned by the British royal family. The land on which the 'Banbury Gateway Shopping Park' stands also belongs to the crown. There is also a McDonald's branch in the shopping paradise, which theoretically also belonged to the Queen.

A remarkable art collection consisting of 7,000 paintings, 500,000 prints and 30,000 drawings, including works by painters such as Leonardo DaVinci and Rembrandt, is also one of them. Their value is estimated at 10 billion euros.

The Queen was also known for her impressive handbag collection, which is estimated to be worth €500,000. Quasi peanuts when you look at other assets.

 That's what Duchess Kate's brooch stands for

It has to be distinguished

No one can say for sure how wealthy the royal family is and what the actual fortune of the Queen herself looked like. Above all, a distinction must be made between the property of the institution, i.e. the crown, and the private individual himself.

Because everything that belongs to the 'Crown Estate', i.e. the crown property owned by the British Crown, is not the private property of the royal family and cannot be sold, for example. Nevertheless, the Queen was - theoretically - the richest person in the world if you add the huge properties and lands, such as London's Hyde Park.

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