The 'Star Trek' timetable 2023: fans can look forward to that


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  the"Star Trek"-Fahrplan 2023: Darauf können sich Fans freuen
Sir Patrick Stewart returns for the third season of Star Trek: Picard. © Trae Patton/Paramount+/ViacomCBS, SpotOn

'Picard', 'Discovery' and more

The year 2023 offers 'Star Trek' fans the return of all current streaming series, while viewers and fans will unfortunately have to wait quite a while for 'Star Trek 4'. No new feature film has been announced for the current year.

The third season of 'Star Trek: Picard' will start in February. Expected returns later this year include Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. An overview of the 'Star Trek' year 2023.

'Star Trek: Picard': Season three starts on February 17th

On February 17, 2023, the 'Star Trek' revival series 'Picard' will continue with the third season on Amazon Prime Video. The main character, embodied by Sir Patrick Stewart (82), will then experience new adventures. In addition to the already returned 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' actors Jonathan Frakes (70) as Riker and Marina Sirtis (67) as Troi, LeVar Burton (65) as Geordi La Forge, Michael Dorn (70) as Klingon Worf and Gates McFadden (73) as Dr. Beverly Crusher will be part of the party. The third 'Picard' season is thus a veritable 'The Next Generation' reunion.

A first trailer sets the mood for the upcoming episodes. The clip stars Amanda Plummer, 65, as an unknown villain who preys on Jean-Luc Picard, LeVar Burton's daughter Mica Burton, 28, who will be the daughter of Geordi La Forge will play, as well as Data actor Brent Spiner (73), who will embody the android Lore. The return of Daniel Davis (77) as Professor Moriarty is also teased.

Just a few days ago, main actor Stewart also revealed that the upcoming third season of 'Picard' doesn't have to be the last of the 'Star Trek' series. If it is successful, the series could continue.

'Star Trek: Discovery': Season five starts in the first half of the year

Discovery, the first of the new Star Trek series, will also return to Paramount+ screens for season five later this year. The crew of the USS Discovery then remains in the distant future of the 32nd century. According to a previously released synopsis, Captain Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green, 37) and her crew will embark on a galaxy-spanning adventure to uncover a great mystery.

All well-known actors like Doug Jones, Anthony Rapp, Mary Wiseman and David Ajala are expected back. Newcomers are Callum Keith Rennie, Eve Harlow and Elias Toufexis. A precise start date for the fifth season of 'Star Trek: Discovery' has not yet been set. However, the new episodes should only appear after the release of the third 'Picard' season.

A first, shorter teaser trailer released in October 2022 sets the mood for the new season, but does not yet reveal too much about the plot of the upcoming episodes.

'Star Trek: Lower Decks': Season four is expected in the middle of the year

With “Star Trek: Lower Decks”, only the second “Star Trek” animated series ever started in 2020 – and the first comedy series about a Federation spaceship. The crew of the USS Cerritos will return to Amazon Prime Video screens as of this writing in 2023 with season four of Lower Decks. If the show remains in the current publication rhythm, it should be ready in August of this year.

'Star Trek: Strange New Worlds': Season two starts in the middle of the year

Probably after the fifth 'Discovery' season, the currently most popular 'Star Trek' series continues on Paramount+: 'Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' combines elements of classic shows like 'Starship Enterprise' (1966-1969) and 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' (1987-1994) with the modern series universe started with 'Discovery'. In particular, the return to the episodic narrative format, which ensures that an individual episode is often staged in a very special tone, generates enthusiasm among audiences and critics.

Familiar faces like Anson Mount, Ethan Peck and Christina Chong all return for season two. New is Carol Kane (70), who will embody the character Pelia, the new chief engineer of the Enterprise.

An announced crossover episode with the animated series 'Star Trek: Lower Decks' is eagerly awaited by viewers and fans. Lower Decks characters Ensign Mariner (Tawny Newsome, 39) and Ensign Boimler (Jack Quaid, 30) will then make their live-action debuts, as well as part of the episode directed by Star Trek veteran Jonathan Frakes will be animated.

'Star Trek: Prodigy': Season two is expected at the end of the year

'Star Trek: Prodigy' is the title of the first 'Star Trek' series suitable for children. The first season of the animated series, divided into two blocks of ten episodes each, has just come to an end. Season two is now expected to appear in autumn of this year on the Paramount+ streaming service, which was launched in Germany in December 2022.

After 'Star Trek' icon Kate Mulgrew (67) returned as Admiral Janeway in the first season, more 'really wild, fun and legendary characters' from the long 'Star Trek' history are expected back for the coming episodes. The producers of the series revealed this. However, it is currently not known who exactly that will be.

'Star Trek' movies 2023

The release of the fourth 'Star Trek' movie with Chris Pine (42) as Captain James Kirk, originally planned for Christmas 2023, was canceled by the Paramount film studio in September last year after director Matt Shakman (47) had previously canceled the project had left.

So 'Star Trek 4' is still in the notorious development hell of Hollywood. Since 'Star Trek Beyond' from 2016, no new film has been released - and currently there is not even an announcement of a new film project - let alone a start of shooting - to report. The 'Star Trek' universe is clearly focused on the numerous series on the streaming service Paramount +.

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