The wider the brim the better: XXL hats are back this summer


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 The wider the brim the better: XXL hats are back this summer
Sun hats not only protect against sunburn, they are also trendy accessories this summer. © Humberto Vidal/Shutterstock, SpotOn

The big hat trend 2023

This summer fashion trend calls for vacations on the French Riviera. It stands for a luxurious, elegant and glamorous style: Oversized sun hats with wide brims are an absolute must-have in the wardrobe this fashion summer. That's why fashion lovers should now invest in an XXL hat.

Fashion experts and pop culture love XXL hats

As appropriate for a trend, the fashion designers have ensured with their fashion shows for spring and summer 2023 that XXL hats are now among the must-haves of the warm, sunny months. Designer labels such as Max Mara, Eugenia Kim and Jacquemus sent their models down the catwalk in huge sun hats made of materials such as straw or paper yarn.

Barbie (played by Margot Robbie, 32) will also be seen on the big screen in cinemas from July wearing an XXL sun hat. While the designers designed their oversized hats in restrained colors, the iconic doll naturally prefers her favorite color pink for her sun hat.

Stylish sun protection

Aside from the high trend factor, an oversized coneflower also has skin health benefits. Thanks to the extra-wide brim, the hat not only protects the scalp, ears and face, but ideally also the shoulders and parts of the upper body.

Large, wide-brimmed sun hats evoke the style of glamorous Hollywood divas who have retreated to France's southern coast, the island of Capri or the legendary celebrity resort of Saint-Tropez for vacations. The hat with the wide brim makes it possible to be anonymous when needed and still look fashionable. The glamor effect can even be increased with black XXL sunglasses.

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