The Wollny file at a glance: Who are Silvia Wollny's eleven children and 16 grandchildren?


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  XXL family: The Wollnys consist of Silvia and Harald, eleven children and 16 grandchildren
XXL family: The Wollnys consist of Silvia and Harald, eleven children and 16 grandchildren © RTLZWEI

by Rebecca Schindler

Since 2011, the terribly large family 'The Wollnys' has been flickering across the screen on RTLZWEI. A lot has happened in the life of the XXL family since then. Do you still have an overview of the Wollnys? No? No wonder! After all, Chief Silvia Wollny (57) meanwhile not only eleven children, but also 16 grandchildren . That's where you can slip. We have researched Wollny for you and unraveled the family tree of the extended family.

Silvia Wollny: The head of the family

  Harald and Silvia Wollny are engaged
Harald and Silvia Wollny are engaged. © RTLZWEI

The mother of the extended family was in a relationship with Dieter Wollny for 28 years, with whom she has eleven children. The couple tied the knot in October 2011. But the marriage didn't last long: at the end of 2012 there was a big break! The two separated because Silvia accused her husband of infidelity. In 2014, they divorced.

The family then split into two camps: Jessica and Jeremy Pascal broke off contact with their mother and remained loyal to their father Dieter. The remaining kids stood completely behind Silvia and still have no contact with their father.

Silvia has been with Harald Elsenbast since 2014. The application followed five years ago. But despite the engagement, the wedding is a long time coming...

Sylvana Wollny

  Sylvana Wollny is the oldest Wollny scion
Sylvana Wollny is the oldest Wollny scion. © RTLZWEI

The oldest offspring of Silvia and Dieter is Sylvana Wollny (31). She was born on New Year's Eve 1991. As a big sister, she often took on the role of mother and looked after her ten siblings. She is now the mother of two children: Celina-Sophie (*2013) celebrated her first communion in the summer of 2022 and Anastasia (*2019) was recently baptized . The father of the children is her fiancé Florian Köster. Florian applied to her on September 17, 2021, her 10th anniversary.

She still lives with her sweetheart and her two daughters at home with Mama Silvia.

Sarafina Wollny

  The second child of Silvia and Dieter is Sarafina Wollny (27)
The second child of Silvia and Dieter is Sarafina Wollny. © RTLZWEI

The second child of Silvia and Dieter is Sarafina Wollny (27), which is also often called 'Trine' or 'Fina'. After graduating from secondary school, she completed training as a dental assistant.

The 27-year-old has been with Peter Heck since 2010. The engagement followed just a year later. But the dream wedding was seven years in the future: The big yes word, which was also shown on TV, took place in July 2019.

With the help of a fertility clinic, Sarafina is now the proud mother of Twins Casey and Emory (*May 2021). The two came two months early and had to have an emergency caesarean section to be fetched. At the end of 2022, the Wollny sprout announced that it was pregnant again . So she and her Peter are expecting child number 3 soon.

Sarafina, Peter and the twins still live in Ratheim with Mama Silvia, but have their own apartment in the Wollnys' large house.

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Calantha Wollny

  Calantha Wollny with her daughter Cataleya
Calantha Wollny with her daughter Cataleya © RTLZWEI

The next daughter in the league is Calantha Wollny (22). She was a bit of a rebel when she was young – she was even in juvenile prison. Her criminal record is long:

  • Calantha has to be in a youth detention center for two weeks. The reason: She attacked a classmate with pepper spray. (Aug 2016)
  • The Wollny daughter posts a photo of herself with a gun on her social media channels. The police are investigating suspected threats. (February 2017)
  • Calantha's friend Alex S. is said to have offered the Wollny scion as a prostitute. Mama Silvia reports him without further ado. (April 2017)
  • Calantha avoids school for six months. (April 2017)
  • Silvia reports her daughter to the youth welfare office , because she supposedly doesn't take enough care of her own offspring. (February 2020)

She hasn't been part of the Wollny TV family for a year and has withdrawn from the public eye. and she also allegedly left her daughter Cataleya (4) with her mother Silvia – so that you can now fully concentrate on yourself and your future.

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Lavinia Wollny

  Lavinia Wollny
Lavinia Wollny © RTLZWEI

Lavinia (23) is the 'boss' of the Wollny sisters: she is loud, rebellious and likes to glee. Through her circle of friends, she met and fell in love with her current fiancé, Tim Katzenbauer. In April 2022, the couple surprised with the engagement news. Finally! Because just two months earlier, on February 22, 2022, the couple's first baby was born. The little one's name is Haylie Emilia. Then, in December 2022, she announced the next good news: The couple is expecting their second child!

Actually, Lavinia and Tim have their own apartment. But shortly before the birth of their first baby, the two moved back to Mama Silvia so that she could support them.

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Sarah Jane Wollny

  Sarah-Jane Wollny once had a twin sister
Sarah-Jane Wollny once had a twin sister. © RTLZWEI

The double name of Sarah-Jane Wollny (24) has a sad background. Actually, the 24-year-old had a twin sister. 'One was named Sarah and the other Jane, she later died. She was only three months old,' revealed Silvia on 'Pomi Big Brother'. To this day, Sarah-Jane thinks of her twin and even celebrates birthdays for her.

She has completed training as a social assistant and, according to her own statements, now works in her dream job as a geriatric nurse.

In September 2021, Sarah-Jane appeared publicly with her boyfriend Tinush for the first time. Since then, sweet couple photos of the two have followed every now and then. However, this has not yet appeared in the TV documentary.

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Estefania Wollny

  Estefania Wollny
Estefania Wollny is the second youngest daughter of the Wollnys © RTLZWEI

Estefania Wollny (20) is the second youngest daughter of the Wollnys. She got her name based on Dieter Bohlen's ex-wife Estefania Köster. No wonder the 20-year-old has now made it her goal to make it big as a singer.

So far, she has actually been able to celebrate some successes: She sang in front of the pop titan on 'Deutschland sucht den Superstar' – and even made it into the recall with a song by Rihanna. Besides, she had one Appearance on Stefan Mross' show 'Always Sundays ' and thrilled the audience in the ZDF 'Fernsehgarten' . She has also written songs for her loved ones: She sang at her sister Sarafina's wedding with Peter and wrote a song to her nephews Emory and Casey - Sarafina's twins.

So far Estefania is still childless. And things didn't really work out with the men either: She recently deleted all couple photos of herself and her lover Ali.

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Loredan Wollny

  Loredana Wollny is the baby of the family
Loredana Wollny is the baby of the family © RTLZWEI

She is the baby of the XXL family: Loredan Wollny (18). But although she is the youngest of the eleven siblings, the 18-year-old does not let herself be bullied – and in the TV documentary she always causes Zoff with her bitching. In her private life, she pursues a major goal: Loredana would like to start as an influencer .

The year 2022 was marked by highlights for her: At the age of 17, she passed the driving school test for accompanied driving. And in December, her first baby saw the light of day. The father of the child is not in the public eye and she does not want to reveal who it is.

The eliminators: Sascha Wollny

Well, have you ever heard of Sascha and Patrick? No wonder! Sascha Wollny was never part of the big TV family and was not shown in a single episode. He is the eldest son of Silvia and Dieter. Instead of enjoying the media hype, he chose a real job and trained as a car mechatronics technician.

He has two children (a daughter and a son) with his partner Sarah and leads a life away from the public eye.

Patrick Wollny

Even Mama Silvia's second oldest offspring was never in front of the camera for 'Die Wollnys'. Like his brother, he leads a life away from the cameras. Patrick is happy with his wife Lisa. The couple lives in Neuss together with their three children Brian, Noah and Samantha. According to media reports, he does not work, but takes care of the household and the children at home.

In 2013 Patrick was on trial! The reason: He is said to have distributed photos of his father Dieter Wollny and his lover! To this day, he is said to have had no contact with his biological father.

But there doesn't seem to be any bad blood between the XXL family and the two eliminators. Because Silvia recently revealed in her Instagram story: 'Yes, I have good contact with Sascha and Patrick.'

Jessica Birkenheuer

  Dieter Wollny and stepdaughter Jessica on the cover of their disclosure book.
Dieter Wollny and stepdaughter Jessica on the cover of their disclosure book. © The Wollnys

Even Jessica Birkenheuer has never been seen in the RTLZWEI series! Nevertheless, a lot has already been heard about her: After the War of the Roses between Silvia and Dieter, she and her father published a revealing book called 'The Unvarnished Truth' in 2013. It also reveals for the first time why she has a different last name. “Mr. Dieter Wollny is my stepfather. However, he raised me since I was two years old,” Jessica explains in it. Birkenheuer is Silvia's maiden name.

Jessica has one adult son: Justin. However, he turned away from his mother and moved back to Grandma Silvia and the rest of the Wollny clan.

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Jeremy-Pascal Wollny

  Jeremy Pascal Wollny has changed a lot.
Jeremy Pascal Wollny has changed a lot. © Instagram, jeremyp_wollny

Due to the divorce of his parents and the associated violent family dispute in 2013, he withdrew Jeremy-Pascal Wollny (26) back from public view. In contrast to his siblings, he decided at the time to live with his father Dieter. To this day, he doesn't give the head of the family Silvia good hair and rails against her again and again.

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The Wollny dropout has now started his own (much smaller) family: with his ex-girlfriend Sophie, he became the father of little Jouline-Melody in 2019. Meanwhile he is happy with his new girlfriend Celine.

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