The Wollnys: Sarafina, Silvia & Co.


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  What training did the Wollnys do?
What training did the Wollnys do? © RTLZWEI

'The Wollnys - a terribly big family' became the family clan around Mama Silvia Wollny known throughout Germany. But of course there was life before the big TV career. We reveal here what Silvia, Sarafina and Co. did professionally before they became “The Wollnys”.

Silvia Wollny swapped a real hotel for 'Hotel Mama'.

head of family Silvia Wollny completed an apprenticeship as a hotel manager after graduating from secondary school. your partner Harald Elsenbast follows two tracks: He is said to have completed an apprenticeship as an office clerk AND as a forester.

daughter Sarafina Wollny has not completed her training as a dental assistant. She is now the mother of twins Casey and Emory and is expecting her third child in April. Her darling Peter is a gardener and landscaper.

Sarah-Jane and Lavinia Wollny have a social streak

Sarah Jane Wollny trained as a geriatric nurse in 2021 and is a trained social assistant. At the time, she revealed on Instagram that she chose this challenging job because she thought it would be nice to help other people: “You get so much gratitude in return. It is an incredibly great job.”

Lavinia Wollny, who is expecting her second child thought so too and originally wanted to follow in the footsteps of her big sister Sarah-Jane and also work as a geriatric nurse. She is currently a full-time mom. Just like sister Sylvana Wollny , who takes care of her daughters Celina-Sophie and Anastasia. Her partner Florian has completed training as a warehouse logistics specialist.

In the video; Well, Silvia, do you know the names of all your grandchildren?

  Does Silvia Wollny know the names of her grandchildren?

Loredana Wollny is now living out her love for children privately

Loredan Wollny wanted to do an apprenticeship as a medical assistant after graduating from school - with the gynecologist, who is known to the fans of the Wollnys through various appearances in the cult documentary. Loredana was listed as a trainee from August 2022 on the gynecologist's website. Her description stated that her love of children was one of the decisive factors in her desire for an apprenticeship: 'For her, one of the most beautiful things in life is to accompany a pregnancy from the beginning to the end and to experience how new life is created.'

New life has now emerged privately at Loredana. In December 2022, the baby of the Wollnys became a mother herself.

Estefania Wollny actually dreamed of training as a paralegal after school. But now she continues to work diligently on her music career and earns money with advertising on Instagram. (csp)

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