Their music played in Hamburg: WG buddies Max Giesinger and Michael Schulte about party nights, career and family


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Max Giesinger and Michael Schulte back in Hamburg


The two German singers Max Giesinger and Michael Schulte have been good friends for many years and even shared a shared flat when they started out as musicians. Now the two buddies have released their first song together: 'More To This Life'. You can see how the two react when they are back in front of their old flat share in Hamburg's St. Pauli district in the video.

'Control freak' meets 'Schluffi'

This is how the two musicians describe themselves – and they are sure that that is why their life together worked so well. 'It's perfect that you were such a Schluffi,' says Michael Schulte, who likes to be in control and takes care of everything, to his friend in the joint RTL interview. 'I'm the complete opposite,' Max Giesinger replies promptly. The two musicians lived together for four years - before they had their musical breakthroughs.

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Music has always connected the two

A TV talent show brought the two artists together in 2011. Since then they have supported each other - whether privately or musically. Now, more than ten years later, their first song together entitled 'More To This Life' is released. Max Giesinger tells that it's about the process of growing up. He is certain: 'The world would generally be better off if we allowed more children to be children again, even in adulthood.'

'We were both crass kids'

The two are now successful musicians and have grown up, but the two friends look back fondly on their shared flat share. 'I miss our Mario Kart afternoons the most,' says Max Giesinger with a mischievous smile on his face. And Michael Schulte also immediately reminisces: 'Afternoon is good, we sometimes gambled through whole days.' Carefree - that's how you can describe the time in their shared apartment.

And even if Michael Schulte has meanwhile moved out of the city with his wife (whom he met at a party in Hamburg when Giesinger wasn't there) and their two children and the times in the shared flat are probably over - Max Giesinger and he will look back on the time together with a smile on our faces for many years to come.

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