There's no more hiding! Laura Maria Rypa's baby bump is growing and growing


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Baby luck for"Mom" und "Dad"
Pietro Lombardi and Laura Maria Rypa are overjoyed: their baby is growing and thriving splendidly © @ep25photography

Pietro Lombardi and Laura Maria Rypa become parents. At the latest when you see your latest Insta story, no one should have missed it. The belly bulges too obviously in the side profile of the 26-year-old influencer. their baby with them DSDS-Juror Pietro Lombardi (30) grows and thrives magnificently. Besides, it delivers the two Or-Podcastern Nice topic of conversation from week to week.

Laura presents her beautiful baby ball

Up until two or three weeks ago, Laura was still able to stage or conceal her baby tummy with clever styling. Depending on the mood. But that's over now, as Laura documents in her current Insta story with this photo.

  Laura Maria Rypa proudly shows her baby bump, which is becoming more and more rounded
Laura Maria Rypa proudly shows her fans in her Insta story her ever-rounder baby bump © Laura Maria Rypa / Instagram

The anticipation of Pietro's son grows with Laura's belly

'I think the time is over when I could still hide my stomach,' Laura writes next to her mirror selfie. And it becomes clear: black makes you slim, but it can only conceal a pregnancy to a limited extent. why? After all, Laura Maria Rypa's baby ball is beautiful!

In the video: Here Laura Maria shows her baby bump for the very first time

  DSDS juror Pietro Lombardi will be dad again!

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