Theresia Fischer on hate on the internet: 'I'm not a block of ice!'


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  This is how Theresia Fischer deals with hate comments

by Vincent Nellessen

Theresia Fischer (30) has had her legs lengthened twice in the past six years. Overall, the former 'Germany's Next Top Model' candidate is 14 centimeters taller than before her first surgery! She is proud to have survived the surgeries and likes to show off her long legs on Instagram. But just recently there were nasty comments on Instagram. In the video, the 30-year-old reveals what such comments do to her: 'I'm not an ice block!'

Theresia: 'I just want to do something crazy!'

The latest trigger for nasty messages to the model was a video that Theresia uploaded just before Christmas. It showed her decorating her colorful Christmas tree, which she christened 'Karl-Friedrich'. Actually a happy, harmonious moment. But not everyone liked the video in which Theresia presented herself, dressed only in black panties and a thick rainbow winter jacket. Her long legs catch your eye. 'If you can't do anything else, you have to draw attention to yourself,' says a follower. 'I think your long legs somehow don't match the rest of the body anymore,' another wanted to get rid of her opinion. 'Bad,' writes another. Just three of many comments under your post.

'This year was just mentally tough for me, that I'm always looking for small islands to be happy myself, to be 'crazy Theresia' myself,' she explains in the zoom talk. 'I often couldn't do that this year because I was really plagued with pain.'

Theresia knows that she is not 'wrong'.

In an interview with RTL, Theresia revealed that her past year was like a 'riding from hell' and that she was happy to be able to tick off 2022 . Her year was marked by pain – physical and mental. There was her second leg surgery in March , the consequences of which she still feels every day. And then there was that the separation from her husband Thomas Behrend (58) in the summer .

The model has been suffering from depression for years. A topic that she deals with very publicly. Theresia was bullied and marginalized at school. She chose the leg lengthening because she wanted to feel taller, to be noticed more. It should be all the more difficult to get hateful comments about your legs online. 'Of course I notice when such a blatant comment comes that it hits me at first,' admits Theresia in an interview with RTL.

In the video: Theresia is 'fed up' from the year 2022

  Theresia Fischer:"Ich habe die Schnauze voll"

Theresia is proud to have managed the operation

Not all followers share the critical views of others. Theresia also gets support. “Is there something you can see that you can't see when you swim? nope! So what's the problem? Are you just jealous?” asks a follower. 'It looks super nice,' says another happily.

“I love wow effects!” Theresia explains her motivation behind the post in an interview. 'And I also like to create wow effects myself.' She is proud to have packed the total of four surgeries in 2022 and looks optimistically into the new year. 'Of course I also try to take photos where my legs are in the foreground,' she emphasizes. Nevertheless, such nasty comments would not leave her without a trace, as she reveals in the video at the top. (vne)

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