Theresia Fischer raves about great sex after leg surgery


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 Theresia Fischer on crutches after a second leg lengthening
Theresia Fischer had to have four operations this year because of painful complications when lengthening her leg. © Private

GNTM starlet Theresia Fischer went under the knife for the second time in March 2022 for longer legs . Although the painful procedure didn't go quite as expected and resulted in serious complications, it appears to have paid off for the model in the end. In addition to her self-confidence, which has literally grown, the 30-year-old raves about her better sex life completely unashamedly.

This is behind Theresia's extreme intervention

Theresia Fischer wanted to go even higher! 113 cm were not enough for the reality lady and so she decided to have a second leg lengthening . 'What an extreme surgery, where you don't say you're fit again after fourteen days,' she admitted in the RTL interview. As a result of the procedure in March, during which her fibula was severed, among other things, she gained 5.5 centimeters in the end.

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However, there were more serious motives behind the second leg extension. Among other things, Theresia had to struggle with bullying at school, which is said to have caused her desire for more size. In addition, her first leg lengthening, over six years ago, presented anatomical problems. Standing up and squatting became difficult and sex also suffered.

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 Theresia Fischer:"Ich habe die Schnauze voll"

'I've become very flexible with my legs'

After leg lengthening no. 2, it seems to be going better in bed for newly single Theresia. Compared to 'BILD', the model chatted from the sewing box: 'My sex is better now! I have become very flexible with my legs and have more room to maneuver in bed. Sex is very important in a relationship, you feel wanted.”

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In this respect, theresia's rocky road to her desired size has apparently been worth it. 'I'm not one of those women who doesn't let off steam until 50, I've never been a child of sadness,' she adds. You can tell... (ean)

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