third baby? Sarah Engels speaks openly about child planning


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 Sarah Engels can imagine becoming a mom again
Sarah Engels can imagine becoming a mom again © IMAGO/Eibner, IMAGO/Neis / Eibner-Pressefoto,

More offspring for Sarah Engels ? The singer is the happy mother of two children, Alessio (7) and Solea (1). Now the 30-year-old has revealed whether family planning is complete or whether baby number three may follow soon.

Sarah Engels: 'I'm quite open about it - at the moment I love it the way it is'

Sarah Engels was now in a chatting mood on Instagram. She answered a fan's baby question in her story: 'I'm quite open about it – I currently love it the way it is.' At the moment she wants to give Alessio and Solea her full attention. The singer revealed that her kids are of the same heart and soul. 'The two are totally in love with each other.'

No problem with the baby question

In the past few months, Sarah had repeatedly talked about the fact that she could definitely imagine getting pregnant again. 'Actually, I feel completely okay the way it is, but children are really the most beautiful thing, so I wouldn't rule it out,' said the 30-year-old in August 2022.

At the end of the year, one of her 1.8 million followers went straight overboard. 'When is Baby No. 4 planned?' He asked Sarah online. 'After we planned baby #3,' was her quick-witted response. 'One after the other' is her motto when planning a family.

 Solea Engels celebrates her first birthday

Sarah Engels is a passionate mom

Sarah is totally absorbed in her mom role – and regularly lets her fans participate in her everyday life with the two kids. Most recently, she proudly shared one important milestone of daughter Solea : The one-year-old from Sarah's marriage to footballer Julian English (29) came, took her first unsteady steps. From a previous relationship with DSDS juror Peter Lombardi (30) has the singer Sohn Alessio , who is now a school child . (tma)

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