This charity organization is particularly close to Prince William's heart


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  This charity organization is particularly close to Prince William's heart
Prince William in a touching exchange with his sister Joan, who had greeted him as a little boy alongside Princess Diana on 'The Passage'. © Arthue Edwards - WPA Pool/Getty Images, SpotOn

In Princess Diana's footsteps

Prince William (40) works as a patron for many non-profit organizations and charity events. He has a special relationship with the facility called 'The Passage', which takes care of the well-being of homeless people and which he has now paid a visit to again. Because 'The Passage' was also very important to his late mother Diana (1961-1997) - she let William and his brother Prince Harry (38) participate in it from childhood days.

William and Harry first visited the facility with their mother in 1993. There was the heir to the throne of King Charles III. (74) only eleven years old, his brother only nine. A touching picture that Kensington Palace shared via Twitter in 2019 also comes from this time: Lady Di is sitting on a chair, on her lap a mischievously looking Prince Harry. Meanwhile, the light-heartedly laughing William is fooling around with an older man who has put an arm on the then still narrow shoulders of the little prince.

This and other visits to his childhood left a 'deep and lasting impression on me,' said Prince William about 30 years later. He has been the organization's official royal patron since 2019, but has visited regularly since 1993.

During his most recent visit last Thursday (February 23), there was also a particularly touching moment. Because one of the volunteers, a minister named Sister Joan, apparently remembered William's first visit, as she told him, according to Hello! magazine. She also found loving words about her mother Diana: 'She was wonderful and kind, I can't find the words to describe her. She was a normal person, without any airs, who could identify with everyone.'

His children should also learn from it

William apparently wants to pass on the impressions he received as a child to his three children in the near future. He told his sister Joan that he would soon bring George (9), Charlotte (7) and Louis (4) with him.

In a speech he also pledged to 'play a crucial role in bringing the tragedy that is homelessness to an end'. True to the motto of 'The Passage': 'Everyone deserves to have a place to call home.'

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