This is how Amira Pocher is doing with her panic attacks: 'I keep having relapses'


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  Amira Pocher as a guest on the occasion of World Children's Day, the Kinder brand celebrates the KinderTag in Berlin on September 20, 2022 / 20092022
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  • Amira Pocher speaks openly about panic attacks
  • Dagi Bee on IV drip for food poisoning

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21st of October

Amira Pocher speaks openly about her panic attacks

Amira Pocher (30) goes openly about panic attacks. She also revealed that she has been in therapy for a long time. Comedian's wife comes in a Q&A on her Instagram story Oliver Pocher (44) now to speak again about her anxiety. 'I keep having relapses,' she explains to her community and talks about a situation on the plane. Only a few days earlier, when she was flying, she suddenly burst into tears: 'But this time it wasn't a panic attack, I've got it under control now, but sadness or fear that something will happen to me and I'll never see my children again. Unfortunately, that's not going away completely.' Nevertheless, she's doing well in general - not least thanks to her loved ones: 'I can count myself very lucky and I'm proud of my family every day.'

20. October

  Dagi Bee is now wearing strawberry blonde on her head.
Dagi Bee © Youtube/Dagi Bee

Dagi Bee on IV drip for food poisoning

Dagi Bee (28) really got it! The YouTuber is lying flat with nasty food poisoning. 'I'm through and so screwed [...] Now I'm lying here with a weak and empty body, body aches, chills and headaches,' she complains to her Instagram community of her suffering. This was probably triggered by Ramen – a popular Japanese noodle soup: 'The meat tasted funny. So I stopped eating. Don't want to know how I would feel if I ate everything.'

  Dagi Bee is lying flat with food poisoning.
Dagi Bee is lying flat with food poisoning. © Instagram/ dagibee

A short time later, Dagi publishes a photo showing the young mother getting an infusion. 'Hope I'll feel better after that,' she says. Get well soon!

19 October

  MDR-Riverboat. Presenter Gülcan Kamps on the occasion of the recording of the MDR talk show Riverboat on September 27th, 2022 in the Mediacity Leipzig. ST: 30.09.2022 20220927SFL0045 *** MDR Riverboat host Gülcan Kamps on the occasion of the recording of the MD
Gulcan Kamps had a stalker © IMAGO/STAR-MEDIA,

Gulcan Kamps had a stalker

Gulcan Kamps (40) reveals a frightening story from her past in her biography 'Never give up - trust yourself'. During her time at VIVA, the presenter had a stalker who sent her roses, letters and gifts such as jewelry and teddy bears. 'I was really worried about going home alone because this person actually scared me,' she writes in her book. Finally, a security employee from VIVA was able to help her find out the identity of the stalker. It was a police officer who worked at the station next to Gülcan's house. After that, the displays of love finally stopped.

Cathy Hummels shows her siblings

Say Cheese! Cathy Hummels (34) shares a sweet family photo with her followers. You can see: three grinning cheeks on a family trip to the pumpkin farm - or to be more precise: Cathy with her two siblings. Vanessa Fischer, her one year younger sister and Dr. Bastian Fischer, the older brother. A rare sight! Because except theirs Son Ludwig, who recently presented his twerk skills , she doesn't show the rest of her family that often. But she just had to share such a cute family selfie with the public. A real sibling crew, as loving as they are in each other's arms!

18. October 2022

  Daniel Aminati at the presentation of the opinion maker prize The Blue Tongue as part of the “Refuel your thoughts” speaker night in the Lanxess Arena. Cologne, November 24th, 2018 *** Daniel Aminati at the awarding of the opinion maker prize The Blue Tongue
Daniel Aminati at the presentation of the opinion maker award The Blue Tongue as part of the thoughts t © imago/Future Image, Christoph Hardt, imago stock&people

Daniel Aminati raves about his small family

At the sight of his wife and daughter comes Daniel Aminati (49) can't stop raving about it. The TV presenter and his wife Patrice are in August become parents for the first time . A fact that sometimes leaves the 49-year-old speechless. He writes about a photo of his wife and their daughter Charly Malika on Instagram: 'There are moments when words are missing! What can I say at this sight - these are my wife and my daughter!'

Jenny Frankhauser's baby reaches a new milestone

Jenny Frankhauser (30) couldn't be happier at the moment, because recently the TV starlet is becoming a mom for the first time . Now Jenny's offspring has already reached the next milestone. “Our son is 18 days young today and lost his umbilical cord this morning. He's growing up so fast,' enthuses the proud new mom in her latest Instagram story. This moment was very emotional for Jenny. 'And what does it mean if the umbilical cord has fallen off? We can bathe our baby!”, she goes on and shows the small baby bathtub, which will be used very soon.

17. October 2022

Almost completely defoliated: What Cathy Hummels wants to tell us with her autumn snapshot

Cathy Hummels (34) rings the fall with a hot snapshot. On Instagram, the presenter is only covered with leaves, and the ex-wife looks in the middle of colorful leaves Mats Hummels (33) sensually into the camera and turns her followers' heads. But there is much more behind the post...

Because: In the caption, little Ludwig's mom draws attention to an important message. 'Love yourself, because you are perfectly imperfect,' is her appeal. 'Everyone looks different but comments #BodyShaming are taboo and just hurt. Especially if you don't know the background. Everyone has their story. His reasons. Illnesses (emotional and physical),” emphasizes the 34-year-old. How true!

Iris Klein about grandson Damian: 'I fell in love immediately'

  Iris Klein reports from the hospital:"Alles wird gut"
Iris Klein is currently in the hospital. © imago images/Gartner, SpotOn

Jenny Frankhauser (30) became a mother for the first time in September. Since then it leaves the sister of Daniela Katzenberger (36) take it a little easier on Instagram. But now Jenny's mom is chatting Iris Klein (55) a little out of the sewing box and can't stop raving about it. 'Damian looks like a little angel and is beautiful. I fell in love immediately,' she says during a question and answer session on Instagram. 'I think every new mom is happy to have a little help from Grandma and I know she is too.' But Iris didn't want to reveal more, so as not to anticipate anything from the parents.

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