This is how 'Maria Magdalena' star Sandra defeated breast cancer


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  So had"Maria Magdalena"-Star Sandra den Brustkrebs besiegt

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At the 'Die 80er live' festival in Düsseldorf, 35,000 fans celebrated their heroes in the Merkur-Spiel-Arena. Including 'Maria Magdalena' singer Sandra (60). In 2017, the cult star fell ill breast cancer - the doctors didn't give her a chance. But today she is healthy again and 'happier than ever.' In the RTL interview above, she tells how the 60-year-old conquered her illness despite the shock prognosis.

Sandra: 'I'm back!'

The 80s cult star has been on stage for over 40 years. She has celebrated enormous successes and turned even difficult moments into something big. Sandra is a fighter - that's clear after this interview at the latest.

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In 2017, the 'Maria Magdalena' star fell ill with breast cancer. Today she is healed: 'I never thought for a second that I would die. NEVER. Even if the doctors said so, I didn't care at all,' the 60-year-old clarified in the RTL interview. That's called brave! But it's not the first time that Sandra has received such a shocking prognosis.

How do you deal with so much headwind?

'Even when I was pregnant with the twins, everyone always talked about a high-risk pregnancy, but I didn't care. I've always said, 'These are the children I want and they'll stay in',' says the native of Saarbrücken about her earlier struggles at the end of the 90s.

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But how did the singer manage to cope with so much headwind? Winning all these fights? For Sandra it is clear: 'A positive mindset!' But that's not all: 'What really built me ​​up were my children,' she says with a beaming face, especially when the singer thinks about having grandchildren at some point. That would make the 60-year-old very happy, but her greatest happiness is 'health' - and with her recovery she has definitely achieved it.

Sandra: 'I have no more dreams'

After 35 years in Ibiza, the singer lives in Germany again: 'I'm so happy to be back in Germany. To be able to speak my mother tongue again and be able to ski!”

But does the star want to achieve even more? Does Sandra have any more dreams? As quickly as the 60-year-old gives this answer, you can only believe her: 'I've dreamed and lived so many dreams. I have no more dreams, all my dreams are fulfilled.”

Over 30 million records sold

The German-French singer became world famous in the mid-1980s with 'Maria Magdalena'. The biggest hit of the native of Saarbrücken, which today is hardly missing at any 80s party, sold millions of times and made it to number one in more than 20 countries. Sandra has sold more than 30 million records. And there is currently no end in sight. (msu)

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