This is how the British royals react to Prince Harry's scandalous interview


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  Prince Charles, Prince William, Camilla, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry - Royal family at the Diamond Jubilee Thanksgiving Service at St Paul s Cathedral in London, Tuesday, 5th June 2012. Photo by: i-Images i-Images PUBLICATIONxINxGE
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So far they have been silent. To all the scandalous allegations of Prinz Harry (38) there was no real reaction from the British royal family – until now! Now there is a response from Buckingham Palace.

What does Harry's family think?

Prince Harry revealed pretty much everything about his life. And also from that of his family members. First came the hotly debated documentary “Harry and Megan ' on Netflix's streaming platform, then some copies of his snuck into Spain Memoirs 'Spare' * on the market before the official release date and now the TV-Interviews , in which he chats about everything and everyone. The interview with Tom Bradby was broadcast exclusively in Germany on January 9 in “Exclusive Special: Harry – The Interview” on RTL. It is still available in full on RTL+ .

Lots of fuss that Harry is causing right now. What does his family think about it? The two American TV news programs '60 Minutes' and 'Good Morning America' ​​asked the British royal family for comment - and they did respond.

In the video: excerpts from Prince Harry's explosive TV interviews

  First excerpts from Prince Harry's explosive TV interviews

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The law firm representing Buckingham Palace came back. 'It stated that the Palace must 'examine closely what is said in the interview and in the context in which it appears' and asked that we provide them with a copy of the entire interview immediately, which we do as a news organization, in accordance with our business policy,' said moderator Michael Strahan (51). His colleague Anderson Cooper (55) described something similar.

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Harry now has his reaction

Prince Harry should still be happy about this reaction. Because the will to watch the interview is apparently there on the part of the royal family. That was exactly what King Charles III's youngest son wanted. ' I don't think my brother or my father will read the book . I would wish that, but I don't think so. And as for that interview, I have no idea if they're watching it or not,' he revealed in an interview with Tom Bradby.

Words that sound like a desperate call for attention. And he got it from his family now. A small success for Prince Harry. (rbe)

You can still stream the entire interview with Harry on RTL+.

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