'Thought I was going to die': This is how Norman Reedus really felt after his accident


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"Dachte, ich würde sterben": Norman Reedus über seinen Unfall
Norman Reedus was lucky in his misfortune. © 2016 Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock.com, SpotOn

actor Norman Reedus (53) was lucky in misfortune! Last March, a stunt on the set of The Walking Dead went terribly wrong and he suffered a concussion that left him temporarily out of action. In an interview, he revealed how the Daryl actor really felt after the accident.

'It was very serious. It was scary'

Norman Reedus had after his accident on the set of 'The Walking Dead' fear of death. 'Oh man, that was horrible. This whole ordeal was horrible for me personally. I thought I was going to die,' the actor told Entertainment Weekly. The actor spoke to the magazine for the first time about the concussion he suffered while filming the series finale in March 2022. At the time, a spokesman only confirmed the accident without giving details.

Norman Reedus: 'I had all kinds of crap'

'I went to a neurologist. I had all kinds of crap. I failed the light test,' reveals the partner of the Hollywood star Diane Kruger (46). Even the doctors were apparently expecting the worst. 'I had a security guard with me in the driveway just in case. I held on to the walls and walked around the rooms. It was crazy.'

Reedus did not explain how the concussion happened. 'It was very serious. It was scary,' he said simply. 'I've been punched in the face and head a million times. I've been thrown through car windows - but this time alarm bells rang for me.' In 2005, the fan favorite had a serious car accident in Berlin. At that time, a titanium frame had to be inserted into his eye socket and four screws had to be drilled into his nose. The Daryl actor had also been injured several times on the set of 'The Walking Dead' and had fallen off the motorcycle.

Bad conscience because of absence on the set

Despite the serious injury, Norman Reedus felt bad for his colleagues. Because of his accident, the shooting of the horror series was delayed. 'They are shooting for over a year and now we have to postpone part of the shooting because I'm in bed.'

The third part of the eleventh and final season of 'The Walking Dead' starts in the USA on October 2nd . The fans of the zombie series will not have to do without Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon. In 2023, an offshoot series will start with the focus on the loner. (spot on news/cba)

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