'Thunderstorms in the head' star Jan Zimmermann reports after brain surgery


Writed by - Andy Gocker
"Gewitter im Kopf"-Star Jan Zimmermann verrät, dass die Elektroden, die in seinem Hirn eingesetzt wurden, bereits Wirkung zeigen.
'Thunderstorms in my head' star Jan Zimmermann is a big travel fan. © JanZett98 / Instagram

A new phase of life has begun for YouTuber Jan Zimmermann. The 'Thunderstorms in My Head' star, who since childhood Tourette syndrome has had a brain pacemaker fitted in order to get the uncontrollable tic disorders under control as far as possible. After the brain surgery, Jan has now given his fans a first health update.

'I honestly didn't expect it'

"Es ist vollbracht und sehr gut gelaufen", berichtet Jan seinen Fans auch in seiner Instagram-Story.
'It's done and went very well,' Jan reports to his fans in his Instagram story. © Janzett98 / Instagram

'Well, the deep brain stimulation I had for Tourette's syndrome has already been quite successful from this point of view,' Jan says happily in a TikTok video. In it, he immediately explains to his fans how the whole thing works. 'I have a port here in my chest - a kind of motor that's connected to the electrodes in my head with a cable,' says the YouTuber, who shows a spot below his collarbone that has a thick band-aid stuck to it. Electrical stimulation is intended to suppress Tourette tics in the long term. Jan has already noticed that the whole thing works, and he openly admits: 'To be honest, I didn't expect it.'

Farewell to Gisela

There will certainly be more on the subject soon on the YouTube channel “Gewitter im Kopf”. Jan runs this with his friend Tim Lehmann. To date, Jans Tourettesyndrom, which he has given the name Gisela, has been an integral part of the successful channel. But the fan community, which consists of more than two million subscribers, will probably have to do without the tics in the future. Nevertheless: “I will miss Gisela a bit. But I'm all the more happy for you that you can now enjoy your life undisturbed, 'says a fan under the video in a nutshell. (abl)

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