Timur Bartels shows his new girlfriend for the first time


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  ARCHIVE - May 5th, 2022, Berlin: Timur Bartels, actor, takes part in the Green Actors Lounge 2022. (to dpa"Schauspieler Timur Bartels: Zu Weihnachten gehört auch Chaos") Foto: Christoph Soeder/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++
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  • Timur Bartels shows his new girlfriend
  • Mark Forster grants private insights into his birthday break
  • Frauke Ludowig shows a rare photo with her two daughters
  • Fiona Erdmann has to stop breastfeeding with a heavy heart

January 13, 2023: Timur Bartels shows his new girlfriend for the first time

Timur Bartels (27) gives his fans a look at his girlfriend for the first time. It was only at Christmas that the 'Red Ribbon Club' star was overjoyed to announce that he was taken again. Now Timur showed the lady on his Instagram account for the first time, which makes his heart beat faster. 'Together on an expedition,' writes the actor about the vacation picture that shows him with his girlfriend Mina in an ice cave in Iceland. The two are spending a holiday together there

The two met through the dating app Tinder. 'It sounds unromantic, but for me it was the complete opposite. We just wanted to drink a bubble tea and then we spontaneously sat down in a bar. About ten hours later we were sent out of the bar because it was getting light again. Actually, it's always been the case since the beginning that I forget the time when we're together,' he recalls in the 'Bild' interview.

January 12, 2023: Mark Forster gives private insights into his birthday break

The name Mark Forster everyone knows – but hardly anyone knows what the singer does privately! His private and family life is sacred to the musician and so he usually only shares professional content that has to do with his job with his more than one million Instagram fans. Just in time for his birthday, the musician makes an exception and gives the fans a tiny glimpse of his day of honor!

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'Don't know what could be better. It works. Facetimed, listened to, read, ate and drank a lot. Thanks to everyone who thought of me. A few more years, then retirement,” says the newly minted 40-year-old in a post. Among other things, he shares a snapshot of his birthday cake and pictures of well-wishers who thought of him on this special day. And let's join them: Happy Birthday belated, dear Mark!

But that's not all! He also shares a picture of a gift he received from a fan club - a star that now bears his name! Finally, Mark publishes another picture: As a thank you, he sends out a big hug to everyone...

January 11, 2023: Frauke Ludowig shares a rare photo with her two daughters

Happy Birthday, Frauke Ludowig ! The RTL presenter celebrated her 59th birthday on January 10th. And she started it with two very special people in her life.

'That's how I started my birthday at midnight. With the two best gifts in her arms,' ​​Frauke writes on Instagram for a beautiful snapshot. She is on it with her two daughters In it (19) and Nika (17) to see. The three women cuddle up to each other and seem to be enjoying the moment to the fullest. This is exactly how it should continue, the birthday child wishes. Preferably 'the whole next year'.

Frauke's eldest daughter Nele congratulated in the comments with touching words. 'You are the best mommy,' she wrote. On her own channel, she added the young presenter also added: 'Thank you for everything I was able to experience because of you, and above all for always being there for me.' Fans and friends also sent hearty birthday greetings. moderation colleague Jochen Schropp (44) described Frauke, among other things, as a wonderful person and sent her a virtual 'big kiss'. Sylvie Meis (44) wished 'Happy Birthday, my darling!'

January 10, 2023: Fiona Erdmann has to stop breastfeeding with a heavy heart

for seven months Fiona Erdmann (34) Daughter Neyla breastfed - and with only one breast! But that's over now, as the former GNTM candidate reveals to her Instagram community with some trepidation. “Now this trip is unfortunately over and I am a bit sad. I loved breastfeeding and would have loved to continue. But not at any price. Because health comes first,” she writes about several snapshots in which she gives her baby the breast.

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The reason: a drug that is supposed to help women breastfeed. “I was prescribed Motilium by a lactation consultant. They are actually anti-nausea, but have the side effect that breast milk production increases,” explains the mom of two. The pills also worked well for her: “But when I found out that these pills could damage my heart and Neyla’s heart, I stopped from one day to the next. For our health. Unfortunately, that was the end of our breastfeeding period and Neyla was bottle-fed from then on.' Fiona is grateful that she was able to breastfeed her daughter for at least a few months and is glad that her child is getting everything it needs with the bottle .

January 9, 2023: Silvia Wollny clears up rumors about her sons

  Silvia Wollny clears up rumors
Silvia Wollny © imago/Noah Wedel, SpotOn

Is the house blessing at the Wollnys hanging crooked behind the scenes? Because Patrick and Sascha Wollny are almost never seen in public, the fans of the extended family suspect that there is stress with mom Silvia Wollny are. The mother of 11 now clears up this rumor in a question and answer session on Instagram.

When asked directly whether Silvia still has contact with her sons, she replies: 'Yes, I have good contact with Sascha and Patrick.'

Everything is fine with daughter Calantha, too. Silvia's followers recently wondered that Silvia wished her granddaughter Cataleya a happy birthday on Instagram, but her mother - Silvia's daughter Calantha - did not appear in the story.

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