Together with Princess Kate: Little girl commemorates the Queen (†) with a corgi


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 Little girl gives the Queen a corgi

Elizabeth Sulkovska will probably never forget THIS moment! The eight-year-old schoolgirl attended a funeral service in Sandringham in honor of the Queen and wanted to place a corgi at the memorial for the late Majesty. Got that too Princess Kate (40) who pulled the girl out of the crowd and took her hand. The magical moment is in the video.

You can read all the information about the Queen's death and how things will continue here in our live ticker.

Kate pulls girls out of the crowd

 For Elizabeth Sulkovska (8) it was one of THE moments in her life: Duchess Kate spoke to her.
For Elizabeth Sulkovska (8) it was one of THE moments in her life: Duchess Kate spoke to her. © ENEX

Met on Thursday (September 15). Queen grandson Prince William and Kate, in the county of Norfolk, at the late Queen's country estate. There they looked at the flowers and talked to visitors .

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That was also the moment when Duchess Kate discovered the student Elizabeth Sulkovska holding a bouquet of flowers and a corgi in her hands. Moving images show the sweet moment as Kate approaches the girl who was there with friends and pulls her out of the crowd.

Elizabeth (8) cried with joy

Princess Kate and William are said to have noticed that the Paddington Bear the student was carrying sported the same logo as the badge on her school uniform. 'I went with her to put down the flowers and the corgi. She said, 'Where do you think we should put the flowers?' and I said, 'We should put them there,'' the eight-year-old recalled, according to the DailyMail.

Hard to believe that SHE of all people is pulled out of the crowd by the Duchess of Wales just to place HER Corgi among the carpet of flowers as a tribute to the late Queen. She cried with joy, as Elizabeth's headmaster revealed in an interview with the British newspaper: 'Elizabeth was overwhelmed, she cried with joy when she was selected.'

funeral on Monday

The royal family is now preparing to attend a state funeral for Queen Elizabeth on Monday (September 19). . (rla)

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