Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson with their youngest son at the film premiere


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 Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson with their youngest son at the film premiere
Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson arrive with their son Truman at the launch of their new film A Man Called Otto. © imago/Cover-Images, SpotOn

'A Man Named Otto'

Tom Hanks (66) and his wife Rita Wilson (66) presented their new film 'A Man Named Otto' in New York. The couple was accompanied on the red carpet by their youngest son Truman (26). A rare sight, because the 26-year-old has so far held back from the public.

At the film presentation, the trio was in a good mood. The three posed in front of the cameras with perfectly coordinated outfits. The actor wore a pinstripe suit with a blue tie. His son appeared in a black Tarantino-style suit plus a black tie, and the 66-year-old chose a classy black pantsuit with pumps to match. The fact that Tom Hank's son accompanies his parents on the red carpet is something special. The surprise was already great at the premiere of the film in Madrid at the end of last year, when the youngest offspring was there. The next appearance of the shy 26-year-old followed in Manhattan. Tom Hanks is a father of four children. His youngest children, Truman and Chet Hanks (32), are from his marriage to Rita Wilson.

The dream team Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

Tom Hanks and his wife Rita are one of Hollywood's dream couples. Not only have they been married scandal-free for 34 years, the collaboration is also excellent. The two co-produced the film adaptation of the bestseller 'A Man Called Otto', in which Tom Hanks plays the leading role.

Rita Wilson has not only focused on the film world in recent years, but has also pursued her passion for music. In 2012, the actress released her first album. Wilson is currently working on a duet with Colombian pop singer Sebastian Yatra.

That's what 'A Man Named Otto' is about

The tragic comedy 'A Man Named Otto' is an adaptation of the bestseller by Frederik Backman (41). It's about the grumpy and withdrawn widower Otto, who makes life difficult for his neighbors. The grim man, played by Tom Hanks, criticizes the behavior of those around him. Unhappy, he wants to take his own life. It wasn't until a young family with their two little daughters moved into the area that something moved in him and a healing friendship developed.

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