Toni Garrn makes a clean sweep: 'I didn't get married again!'


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Toni Garrn clears up wedding rumors

In June of this year, the press almost fell over themselves with the news that the top model Toni Garrn (30) and her husband Alex Pettyfer (32) married for the second time. There really was a dream wedding on the Greek island of Paros . But the model now makes it clear once and for all in the 'VIPstagram' talk: 'I didn't get married again!' You can see the whole episode in our video above.

Toni Garrn's famous flea market starts

Toni is in the middle of the preparations for her now famous 'Supermodel's Flea Market'. She sells clothes from her own wardrobe, but also from the wardrobes of her international model friends like Bella (25) and Gigi Hadid (27) or Karlie Kloss (30). In the meantime, however, the word 'model' has been dropped, as she now explains, because 'many people have incredibly great things in their closets'. Sustainability is definitely the magic word of their project .

For several years she has been organizing this flea market to raise funds. 'I started supporting projects in Africa early on, and then when I started my own foundation, I just needed fundraising ideas.' 100 percent of the income goes to her foundation, which supports education and health projects in Ghana, Burundi and Uganda . Her heart project will take place in Berlin from September 15th to 18th.

Toni comments on misunderstandings

  Model Toni Garrn and actor Alex Pettyfer
Toni Garrn and her Alex Pettyfer have been married since 2020 - in June 2022 they moved to Greece. © german press agency

But she didn't just clean out her closet. In an interview with RTL, she also clears up two misunderstandings: First, the topic of her alleged second wedding in Greece, as you can see in the video above. And then there's the name of their one-year-old daughter . It's called 'Luca Malaika'.

'Malaika' means 'angel' in Swahili and Mom has liked it for years. Her enthusiasm for Africa certainly played a major role. Many think that their daughter is called by this name - but no. The model also reveals: 'Of course she changed everything. So I always have to think about her and her day and how she is organized throughout the day. Only then can I think of myself.” A little over a month ago the little one turned one year old .

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