'Toxic' and 'painful': Lola Weippert unpacks about ex-relationships


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  TV presenter Lola Weippert
TV presenter Lola Weippert

Lola Weippert (26) likes to share her thoughts with her Instagram followers. In a new story, she broached a theory about love life — while also opening up about her own past experiences. There weren't just beautiful ones.

All good things come in threes

TV presenter and influencer Lola Weippert lets her more than 500,000 followers on Instagram actively participate in her life. Currently stands at the recently blonde beauty particularly her relationship with pro surfer Eric Plancon. The two have each other met eight months ago in Cape Town and have been a couple ever since. Lola only went public with it half a year later . Since she shares videos and photos with her sweetheart almost every day .

On Sunday (September 11), Lola took to her Instagram Story to address her fans with some spiritually-tinged thoughts on love - and in the process, gave deep insights into her past experiences, including the negative ones. Lola shared an interesting idea that every person falls in love three times in their life. 'Love number one often comes at a young age, you give yourself up for it,' Lola explained, before adding, 'It ended up in a very toxic relationship for me where I lost myself completely and had no self-esteem. '

  Lola Weippert tells an Instagram story about the theory of being in love three times in life
Lola Weippert on the theory of being in love three times in a lifetime © instagram.com/lolaweippert

Explosive details

'The second love was the very painful one with cheating and all,' Lola continued. In neither case did she mention names.

'Number three comes when you don't expect her at all and aren't looking for her,' she said 'Let's Dance' participant after all. Of course she meant Eric. “That's how it was for me in Cape Town. I came to Cape Town and I said: I just want fun and nothing serious. And then a week later my phone was stolen while we were making out and it's been eight months now.'

In the video: Lola Weippert and her boyfriend go skinny dipping

  Lola Weippert and her boyfriend go skinny dipping

Lola and Eric are a dream couple

Just a few days ago, they told us how happy the two are with a heart-rending Instagram reel full of highlights from their everyday life. the „Temptation Island“ The moderator repeatedly addresses serious issues to her fans – she is not shy about it. For example, Lola has spoken openly in the past about coping with trauma , their Fight against body shaming and the Handling bad comments in the Social networks .

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