Twenty4tim looking for a partner: Will he soon find his dream date on TV?


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Tinder kicks Twenty4tim

Twenty4Tim and 'Tinder' will probably no longer be friends! The 22-year-old influencer has already been blocked on the dating app four times. The reason: Many seem to think the Internet star's profile is fake and report it again and again. In his desperation, Tim even got prominent support at his side: Oliver Pocher (44), who is his wife Amira Pocher (30) met through the dating app, should help him out of the 'Tinder' jam. In an exclusive RTL interview, he reveals whether that worked and what dating hurdles he still has to overcome.

If not with 'Tinder', then with a dating show?

As a celebrated Internet star, dating life is apparently more difficult than expected. In addition to the Tinder ban, Twenty4Tim's notoriety also seems to be a major hurdle. In the RTL interview, he remembers a rendezvouz: 'We were eating and at some point I saw that there was a girl at the window and at some point ten were standing there and then at some point there were really 30 people at this window (...) And the whole time I was like, 'Please don't turn around'.” A romantic dinner looks different.

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But Tim doesn't give up hope. His dream: 'I have the fantasy of getting to know each other privately. I would like to be addressed somehow at the checkout.” Without “Tinder” or tips from celebrity colleagues like Oliver Pocher. And if that doesn't work, there's still plan B. 'I might want to do a dating show like that, but a show where men and women can apply and where the age range is quite large, because I think that would be it quite funny, ”he reveals in the RTL interview. He doesn't care about gender or age, the main thing is that the person is well-groomed. Who knows, maybe Twenty4Tim will find his dream date one day on TV or simply while doing the weekly shopping. (ean)

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