Unexpected political criticism of Florian Silbereisen's 'Dream Ship'


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Collage, from left: Joe Chialo speaking with a microphone on stage at an event. Florian Silbereisen poses as Captain Max Parger on board the dream ship.
CDU politician Joe Chialo is harsh on Florian Silbereisen's 'dream ship'. © IMAGO/Stefan Zeitz, DPA PA

On March 16, CDU politician Joe Chialo (53) was on the talk show Markus Lanz (54) guest. The topic of the discussion was 'Africa and its importance, also for the neighboring continent Europe', as the politician writes on Instagram. And also the crooked representation of the African continent on German entertainment television - a conversation in which 'Das Traumschiff' by captain Florian Silbereisen (41) looked anything but good.

CDU politician Joe Chialo expresses criticism of Silbereisen's 'dream ship'

Joe Chialo is not only a politician in the German Bundestag, but also a music manager. As 'Merkur.de' writes, Chialo and pop singer Florian Silbereisen would even know each other 'from personal collaboration'. Perhaps all the more surprising that the politician on Markus Lanz's talk show now expresses severe criticism of the 'dream ship' – whose captain Max Parger is embodied by Silbereisen.

In an interview, Chialo recounts the plot of an episode of 'Das Traumschiff': 'First story line: passenger falls victim to an email scammer, money lost. Second strand of the story: Niece of Captain Silbereisen has fallen unhappily in love with an African who is in common with poachers. Then who saves the rhino? A dashing deputy captain of the dream ship.” At this point, Markus Lanz had to laugh according to “Merkur”. Chialo continues: “Third storyline: A whole village in deep concern because the diesel pump isn't working. Then a Central European comes along and starts the diesel pump with a wrench, and the whole village cheers.”

At first glance, this may seem like a perfectly normal 'Dream Ship' story - for Markus Lanz it seems amusing, for Joe Chialo more of a cause for concern. “The problem is that this show has been watched by over six million people. And that, of course, conveys a distorted image that is never corrected.”

  The Pochers are apparently hiring on the dream ship

Criticism is no reason for Chialo & Silbereisen to argue

According to Joe Chialo, the picture that would be painted of Africa, for example, in this 'Ship of Dreams' episode would have political and economic implications. 'If you then talk about Africa as a continent with opportunities, then it's quite difficult to convince a medium-sized company that things are professional there,' he says - almost no wonder, given the clichés he had previously used on the basis of the 'dream ship ' plots enumerated.

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The criticism of the ZDF series, on whose board Florian Silbereisen has been sailing as captain for years, does not seem to be a reason for the two men to argue. On the contrary: Chialo emphasized on the talk show that he would 'appreciate' Silbereisen as a colleague. And maybe he, in turn, takes the criticism of the series to heart – and thus initiates a change. (cre)

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