United in mourning: Prince William & Prince Harry shoulder to shoulder behind the Queen's coffin


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 William and Harry mourn the Queen together

All of London is at a standstill, restaurants are closed, the airport has even changed its flight schedule for this moment. Apart from the music of the bands, hardly any noise can be heard. These are scenes that will go down in history. The coffin the recently deceased Queen Elizabeth II (1926 – 2022) is carried in a funeral march from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall. Not only a number of fans have gathered on the route. The royal family also guided the body of the record monarch through the city as a unit – Prince William and Prince Harry shoulder to shoulder.

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Prince William and Prince Harry side by side

They are united in grief, although there has been a huge rift between them in recent years. Side by side, Prince William and Prince Harry walk behind their grandmother's coffin, with only their father Charles and his three siblings in front of them. In these moments, only the family counts, there is no room for arguments.

While William is in uniform, Harry can be seen in a dark mourning robe. Since he turned his back on the royal family in 2020, emigrated to California and thereby lost all military orders and titles, he has been forbidden from appearing in military gear.

 William & Harry walk behind the Queen's coffin

Deja vu at the funeral of Lady Diana

It is an image that should be familiar to the public. It commemorates the funeral of Lady Diana, who died in a car accident in Paris in 1997. At that time, their very young teenage sons had also accompanied the funeral procession shoulder to shoulder – an image that moved a whole nation to tears at the time. As they did then, William and Harry are now marked by grief, but collected. Maybe this deja vu and the memory of their shared history can bring them closer together again. (cch)

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