Unrecognizable! Sarafina Wollny looks completely changed


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Sarafina Wollny is usually shown without make-up.
Sarafina Wollny is usually shown without make-up. © sarafina_wollny / Instagram

Sarafina Wollny s fans are equally enthusiastic and surprised. The mother of two is visibly changed on her Instagram account. With her new selfie, she just wants to wish her community a good start to the week, but the focus is on the reality TV star's make-up face. You rarely see the TV personality so dressed up.

Styling for video shoot

In her caption, the 27-year-old also reveals the reason for the elaborate styling. 'I took this photo the day we shot the music video for Doppelt Laut. Such fond memories,” she captioned the snap, which shows her grinning for the camera with nude makeup and curly hair. The song 'Double Loud' has Sarafina's sister Stephanie (20) for their nephews, the twins Emory and Casey , recorded. That the proud mom of two dressed up smartly for the video shoot is no big surprise. But the sight is still unusual for some followers.

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In the video: Estafania Wollny sings for Sarafina's twins

  Estafania Wollny sings for Sarafina's twins


'Wow you look so different with makeup on'

'You look completely different, not recognizable anymore,' comments a user and gets encouragement. 'Wow, you look completely different with make-up than usual. But very pretty in both ways, even without make-up,' emphasizes another.

'Too much filter no longer looks natural,' says another follower. But regardless of whether you celebrate the immaculate sight or not - one thing is certain: Sarafina shines from the inside and outside. 'You seem happy and content,' says one fan. And that's probably the main thing! (lkr)

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