Uwe Hübner mourns pop star Matthias Carras


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Uwe Huebner and Matthias Carras
Uwe Hübner and Matthias Carras have sometimes worked closely together in the past. © picture alliance, Sven Simon

Schlager star Matthias Carras died on January 14 at the age of only 58 surrounded by his family . He was diagnosed with cancer in 2020. 'We remember you as a strong fighter and hope that you can find your peace of mind now,' his record label says goodbye to him. His former manager, the TV and radio presenter Uwe Hübner (61), is now mourning the singer on Facebook.

companion of Matthias Carras

The hit star is finally free. This is how the 61-year-old begins his mourning post on Facebook based on Matthias Carras' last album. 'To be without pain - you longed for it so much,' Uwe continues. “And we wished you the same from the bottom of our hearts. As hard as it is not to have you here any longer.'

For a while, the 61-year-old was the hit star's manager, brought him to the famous ZDF hit parade , which he moderated himself, and was instrumental in the artist's success. 'Thank you for your strong work as an artist, as a good connoisseur of the scene, as a challenging discussant. With a simply unmistakable voice,' the moderator dedicates to the deceased on the social media platform and explains that Matthias 'liked to be a rebel' in private, but he also longed for 'real fellow friendship', 'the gives you counter.'

memories of shared moments

In recent years, Matthias and Uwe have kept a “respectful distance” from each other. And yet the times 'when we were creatively very close and full of trust' would always stay in his memory.

They worked on two albums together. 'When I sent you the text, you cried. And you said: 'Nobody knows me like you do.' This sentence will always accompany me', Uwe remembers the moment when he introduced Matthias to the song 'I dance with my fears'.

Uwe Hübner is sure that one day they will celebrate the hits of the hit star together again. 'Be well until then and be sure: Many here will not forget you.' (vne)

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