Uwe Hübner on the death of Matthias Carras - 'That connected us!'


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Uwe Huebner and Matthias Carras
Uwe Hübner and Matthias Carras have worked closely together in the past. © picture alliance, Sven Simon

Pop star Matthias Carras died on January 14 at the age of only 58 surrounded by his family . He was diagnosed with cancer in 2020. 'We remember you as a strong fighter and hope that you can find your peace of mind now,' his record label says goodbye to him. RTL transmitted his former manager and companion, the TV and radio presenter Uwe Hübner (61), his thoughts on the death of the charismatic singer.

companion of Matthias Carras

For a while, the 61-year-old was the hit star's manager, brought him to the famous ZDF hit parade , which he moderated himself, and was instrumental in the artist's success. 'I didn't choose Matthias, he chose me,' Uwe recalls to RTL at the beginning of their path together in the Schlager business. He proudly reflects that he turned the “usually youthful Charming Boy into a seasoned guy with more rough edges. 'The stories of his songs were more authentic and taken from real life, solid and robust, but also described sensitive topics that a man need not be ashamed of.'

A decent young man who released several albums in the 2000s - but then retired from the business.

memories of shared moments

Uwe and Matthias worked together on two albums. 'When I sent him this text, Matthias cried and said to me: 'Nobody knows me like you do.' That connected us - and will remain so,' the former presenter remembers the moment when he introduced Matthias to the song 'I dance with my fears', which had become his 'own oath of revelation'.

But in 2015 Matthias ended his career as a singer - due to chronic depression. “When he noticed that his decent manner was being overtaken by more and more colleagues who were bolder, cheekier, more polarizing than he was, he began to have doubts and stumble. And unfortunately let him make mistakes,' Uwe told RTL. The 61-year-old describes the withdrawal “in favor of his family” as “wise”. Even before his Schlager career, Matthias Carra's wife Anne Bloche, with whom he had two daughters and who supported him until his death.

Comeback to 'defy his illness'

In 2021 Matthias dared the comeback with his album 'Finally free'. 'It wasn't about money or fame for him,' explains Hübner RTL. 'It's about harmony and satisfaction with one's own performance. He wanted to defy his illness. And especially win peace.”

Uwe Hübner is sure that one day they will celebrate the hits of the hit star together again. 'Be well until then and be sure: Many here will not forget you.' (vne)

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