Vanessa Mai: Sido sent an SMS in the middle of the night


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Vanessa Mai sings her new song"Happy End" gemeinsam mit Sido.
How was working with rapper Sido? Vanessa Mai reveals it © RTL

The Sänger's Vanessa Mai (30) and the Rapper Been (41) are not unknown to each other - so much should be after her common song 'Happy End' , which was released in October 2021, should be clear. However, how this collaboration came about and what hurdles Vanessa had to overcome to get to know each other, she now reveals in her own TV documentary 'Vanessa Mai - Mai Time is Now'.

It all started with a nocturnal text message

As the artist reveals in her documentary, it all started with a late-night text message from the German rapper. In the he suggested that she make a phone call. 'At some point at night he wrote to me: Let's make a call,' says the singer. Despite the late hour, Vanessa took the contact very seriously and left for Berlin a few days later to meet Sido and get to know him personally.

As the Singer of the former hit band 'Wolkenfrei' Arrived at the studio in Berlin, but the disappointment followed: Sido wasn't there! So Vanessa had to continue to worry for the time being: 'We went to the studio, Sido didn't come. We waited an hour and at some point it was too much for us.”

In the video: Vanessa and Sido's duet

 Vanessa Mai is breaking new ground musically

Trembling until the 'happy ending'

Despite the bumpy start, the two music artists found each other for a successful collaboration. After Vanessa drove home disappointed and Sido could not be reached anymore, the rapper's redeeming text message followed: 'I'm so sorry, I fell asleep,' Sido is said to have written to her as an apology.

The singer's concern about a rebuff from the Berliner was completely unfounded - and for both of them there was a 'happy ending' with their song together.

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