Verena Kerth and Marc Terenzi: 'Love him despite ADHD'


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Verena Kerth raves about her Marc

Apparently someone is head over heels in love. Show at the Christmas Charity Lunch in Munich Verena Kerth (41) and Marc Terenzi (44) everyone how they are on cloud nine. From the joint Christmas plans to the heartbreaking declaration of love – with their couple interview, the lovebirds should probably also have the last critic of her happiness in love have convinced. We show how much Verena raves about her Marc in the video.

At Christmas there are 'board games instead of bed games'

Despite all the fake rumors about their relationship, presenter Verena Kerth and singer Marc Terenzi were really in a chatting mood in an interview with our RTL reporter. They made it clear right away that they didn't want or have to prove anything to other people. 'We are the way we are and I don't give a damn about anyone who doubts it,' says Verena.

READING TIPS : Here Marc kisses his Verena in front of the camera

The two spend the festival of love together for the first time this year. 'We are at Christmas with my mother and her boyfriend in a beautiful mountain village in Tyrol,' enthuses the radio presenter in love. The Christmas party should be very cozy. 'With board games instead of bed games,' she jokes. 'I think it's super nice for Christmas,' says Marc, who can hardly wait to go to the Austrian mountains with his beloved.

Verena Kerth: 'I've never met a better man'

But does everything really look so rosy for the newlywed couple? In some situations, Marc seems to get his Verena upset. 'I have ADHD. So I talk a lot and often and a lot of things don't make sense,' reveals the 'Team 5ünf' singer.

But the woman from Munich accepts him as he is. 'He's generally always in a good mood. He is a good-hearted person. I really love him with all my heart. I've never met a better man and haven't for 41 years,' she enthuses. Seems like the right two have found each other here. (ean)

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