Veronica Ferres mourns the loss of girlfriend Winka Wulff with an appeal on Instagram


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Veronica Ferres mourns the loss of her friend Winka Wulff.
Veronica Ferres mourns the loss of her friend Winka Wulff. © BREUEL-BILD/Jason Harrell

Veronica Ferres mourns the loss of a special friend. The 57-year-old actress writes moving farewell words for film producer Winka Wulff, who died on January 7, on Instagram. Veronica reminds her followers that our time in this world is finite and we should enjoy it.

Veronica Ferres touchingly says goodbye to Winka Wulff

Veronica writes about a collage of photos showing her friend Winka Wulff: 'Winka's last words to me, full of lightness, were: 'Veronica, we have to enjoy every day … and I'm so curious about what's to come. I don't know that yet.'

Winka Wulff was a producer and was involved in successful films and series such as 'The Buddenbrooks' or 'The Vow'. 'She was a big one,' enthuses Veronica in her post.

Polyphon, the film and television company for which Winka worked, writes on Facebook about the producer's death: 'We mourn the loss of a competent, cheerful and powerful colleague.'

Veronica Ferres appeals to followers to enjoy life

Veronica is reminding her followers to be aware of how quickly life can go and not put off everything we'd like to do until later. 'LATER ... when is that ? The day has barely begun when it's already six o'clock in the evening. Hardly arrived on Monday, it's already Friday again. ... and the month is over. ... and the year is almost over. ... and already 30, 40, 50, 60 years of our lives have passed. Suddenly we realize how many people we have already lost. Parents, relatives, friends and acquaintances. There is no turning back!”

'So let's enjoy the time we have left! Let's not stop using time as we please. Let's bring color into our gray everyday life! Let's smile at the things in life that are balm for our hearts. We should enjoy the time we have left with serenity and confidence. Let's try to eliminate the word 'LATER',' Veronica Ferres appeals to her fans. 'LATER it might be too late!', she said urgently, 'because in the meantime we can lose the best moments'.

Veronica gets a lot of likes and encouragement for her emotional post. 'What words and that's how it is, very touching', 'Very well written. My condolences for the loss' or 'So beautifully written and so true', write their followers in the comment column. (csp)

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