Was Leonardo DiCaprio Abandoned?


Writed by - Andy Gocker

Usually the story goes like this: Leonardo Dicaprio (47) is looking for a beautiful young girlfriend and as soon as she turns 25, it's over . That's how it was now with him too Camila Morrone (25) off. In fact, it should have been the other way around: she is said to have left him sitting. You can see the whole story about the reasons in the video.

Leo wants a family

Supposedly this time Leo was the one who put the pressure on when it came to family planning. According to insiders, he would like to have children and would have preferred it if his model and acting girlfriend had stayed at home and taken care of family planning. But Morrone wants to make a career first before starting a family.

Camila felt let down by Leo

The different views on family and children was not the couple's only problem. Camila is also said to have been very disappointed that Leo wasn't willing to propose to her and that he didn't support her in her acting career. It is said that he never introduced her to important people in Hollywood because he allegedly didn't want her to be successful.

He should already have a new one

Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Marrone were a couple for a total of four years. But he doesn't seem to mourn his ex for long. Shortly after the breakup, the rumor went around that he was dating a model Gigi Hadid (27) should have. The two are said to have gotten in touch at a New York club. As a supermodel, Hadid certainly fits into his booty scheme, even though at 27 she's a bit older than his girlfriends usually are. And the topic of children should also be clarified quickly: Hadid already has a daughter with her ex-boyfriend, the 'One Direction' singer Zayn Malik . (mri)

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