Water retention and stretch marks: Jenny Frankhauser in the final sprint of pregnancy


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Jenny Frankhauser heavily pregnant
Jenny Frankhauser © Instagram/ jenny_frankhauser

Jenny Frankhauser (29) is feverishly pregnant with Steffen König towards her son Damian . In the meantime, the ex-jungle queen has arrived in the 37th week of pregnancy and gives an update on the web about weight and her small and large ailments.

Jenny Frankhauser gives weight update

'I ate like a champion,' reveals Jenny in her latest Instagram post. Of course, this is also noticeable on the scales. The 29-year-old had already gained 21.5 kilos four weeks before giving birth, breaking the 90-kilo mark.

But not only her gluttony is responsible for her weight gain: Jenny is also struggling with severe water retention: “The water retention in hands and feet has reached the end stage. I'm in extreme pain and sometimes I can't even stand. Nothing helps. Perseverance is the order of the day here.”

And Jenny is not spared from stretch marks either: 'I have purple cracks and stretch marks that now belong to me,' she reveals on Instagram.

In the video: Jenny Frankhauser shares baby steps!

 Jenny Frankhauser shares baby kicks!

'The pregnancy felt like it flew by'

'My energy is dropping a lot right now. I'm quickly out of breath and would prefer to just lie in bed,' the 29-year-old continues to describe her physical condition.

But even if the mum-to-be is happy to hold her little darling in her arms soon, she will they keep their pregnancy in good memory . 'The pregnancy felt like it was flying by and was generally uncomplicated and beautiful,' she summarizes her ball time. And she soon made it! (jve)

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