Wayne Carpendale's touching words about his wife: 'It's only cheap when it comes to alcohol'


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Annemarie and Wayne Carpendale have been married for nine years. © imago images / Spöttel Picture, via www.imago-images.de, www.imago-images.de

It reads strange at first glance, however Wayne Carpendale (45) makes his wife Annemarie (44) with the words 'It's only cheap when it comes to alcohol' really a great declaration of love. They have been married for nine years – but the parents of a young son (4) never get bored, even after a total of 15 years.

To eternity!

Wayne proudly lists how long he and his wife have known each other, a total of around 5,500 days: “9 years married, 15 years together. Not bad for an e-celebrity couple, right?” he joked on Instagram. There he posted a series of photos with his loved one from the current vacation in Rome. In the Eternal City they celebrate their own eternity. And they obviously enjoy it to the fullest.

This infatuation will certainly benefit the 45-year-old he will soon be moderating the new dating show “Herz on Board – frisch in love on the high seas” on VOX . Wayne and Annemarie also go through their married life like newly in love: “5 1/2 thousand days full of emotions, never had nothing to talk about at dinner, argued and made up, built a house this year and put together the best thing we have could ever have wished for us...' This means his son Mads, who sometimes seems fed up with mum and dad's love affairs .

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So what's the deal with cheap alcohol?

Wayne's Insta followers almost melt with emotion when reading his love lines. Messages of congratulations flutter in in the comments column, as do countless little red hearts. And Annemarie should also be blown away by her husband's words - after all, he describes her as the most valuable person 'who has crossed my path in my life.' Aaaw, how nice! Annemarie writes on Instagram: 'Today in Rome... a hundred times around the world... AND to the moon & back' and thanks her husband for being such a great father.

  Annemarie and Wayne Carpendale in love.
Annemarie and Wayne Carpendale are having a good time on their special day in Rome - just enjoying their time together. © Instagram, /wayne_interested_s

'It's only cheap when it comes to alcohol,' he writes beforehand. 'One Bellini is enough... and it's leakproof, as you can see.' A compliment, very clear. One that shows how relaxed and harmonious this dream team has been in life together for 15 years. (vne)

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