We style our way through the winter with light-colored coats and jackets


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 We style our way through the winter with light-colored coats and jackets
White jackets are everywhere in stores this winter. © Anna Zhuk/Shutterstock.com, SpotOn

Creamy white tones

Even if the snowfall is still a long time coming in this country, we are adapting our clothing colors to the winter: creamy white and beige coats and jackets will be popular at the beginning of 2023. The celebrities show how we can style the it-pieces and wear them both in everyday life and for chic occasions.

Eleganter Ton-in-Ton-Look

A chic version is presented by 'Vampire Diaries' star Nina Dobrev (34) on Instagram. During New York Fashion Week, she went for a white monochrome look consisting of a simple mini dress and a coat. Red lips served as an eye-catcher.

Sporty chic

Like every winter season, down jackets of all shapes and colors are also popular this time. Of course, the warming jackets also come in creamy white. Fashionista Chiara Ferragni (35) is also impressed by the trend: on Instagram she shows herself in the middle of a snow-covered forest in a medium-length, light beige down jacket with a fake fur hood.

Coat and jacket in one?

And for everyone who can't decide, fashion blogger Caro Daur (27) has the perfect model: a mix of wool coat and down jacket in a light taupe. The jacket is absolutely suitable for everyday use and is perfect for a chic office outfit.

Care tips for white clothes

White clothing has one disadvantage: stains become visible quickly. Then it depends on the right care. Ideally, treat the stain immediately, preferably with warm water and washing-up liquid first.

Put sensitive woolen coats in the washing machine at a low temperature (maximum 30 degrees) or, if in doubt, have them professionally cleaned. Wash down jackets only briefly and gently at 30 degrees and put them in the dryer with a few tennis balls - this will make them fluffy again. Avoid using fabric softener, because it sticks together the fine down.

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