Wedding with Harry: THAT was what the Queen really thought of Meghan's wedding dress


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 The Queen found Meghan
The Queen thought Meghan's wedding dress was 'too white' © SVEN SIMON

The Queen wasn't amused! The reaction should have been something like this when Queen Elizabeth II. († 96) at that time the wedding dress of Duchess Meghan (41) has seen. At least that's what nobility expert Kate Nicholls claims in her new book 'The New Royals'. An insider is said to have told her that the Queen was very surprised that Meghan herself in her wedding dress from 'Givenchy' opted for a pure white and not an off-white as is usual when the bride has been previously married.

'The Queen Was Surprised'

'The Queen was surprised that Meghan wore pure white on her wedding day,' a source close to the Queen told the Daily Mail. 'Maybe it's a generation thing, but she thinks if you've been married before, wear off-white on your wedding day' — like Queen Camilla (75) at her wedding King Charles III (73).

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The Queen disliked Meghan's tone

But the dress wasn't the only thing the Queen said didn't fit at the time. Before the wedding there was a menu tasting at Windsor Castle. 'Meghan was at the castle to try some of the dishes and said to one of the caterers that she could taste eggs,' a source shared. 'She was quite upset and saying that the dish was supposed to be vegan and macrobiotic, when all of a sudden the Queen came in and said, 'Meghan, that's not how we talk to people in this family'.'

Despite everything, the Queen is said to have been 'very hurt'. , if Prinz Harry (38) and Meghan gave up their royal duties and turned away from the royal family. (devotee)

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