'Wednesday' star Percy Hynes White is to be kicked out of the cast


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 Percy Hynes White on the red carpet at the 80th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton on January 10, 2023 in Beverly Hills, California. BURT HARRIS/BNS/PI (Credit Image: © Prensa Internacional via ZUMA Press Wire)
Because of allegations of abuse: 'Wednesday' star Percy Hynes White is to be kicked out of the cast © action press, ActionPress, jh

Several women have accused 'Wednesday' actor Percy Hynes White (21) of abuse. He is said to have regularly thrown parties with his friends, where they urged young women to have sex. Some of the victims are said to have been minors. A petition has now been started demanding that White be 'dropped from the cast of 'Wednesday''.

This tweet triggered a domino effect

Percy Hynes White is best known for playing Xavier Thorpe on the Netflix series Wednesday. Now, however, there are serious allegations against the 21-year-old.

The reason: In a Twitter thread, a user accused the actor of having organized parties during his school days in Toronto, where he is said to have used drugs and alcohol to persuade young women to have sex. But that's not all: the user also describes incidents in which White and his friends are said to have verbally humiliated young women. The original tweet got a lot of attention on Twitter, mainly because other women reported similar incidents.

Petition started under the hashtag '#cancelpercy'.

A petition was launched on Sunday (January 22) demanding that the 'Wednesday' star should no longer be part of the series. The second season of the hit series was only recently announced – and according to those responsible for the petition, Percy should no longer play a role in it. Her goal is for a million people to sign her petition. More than 300,000 have already signed.

Percy Hynes White is silent on the allegations

The actor himself has not yet commented on the allegations, but blocked the comment function on his Instagram posts. (msu)

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