What's up with Cara Delevingne? She looks neglected in airport photos


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Cara Delevingne at Van Nuys Airport in September 2022
Cara Delevingne caused a stir at Los Angeles' Van Nuys Airport. © action press

Cara Delevingne (30) seems out of control. Friends should be concerned about their welfare. Most recently, several media reported that the model had been celebrating in the desert for days. Current recordings of the British native now show her neglected and confused at an airport in Los Angeles.

Cara got off the plane again

Without shoes, only on her colorful socks, Cara sneaks across the runway towards the private jet. However, her stockings are already dirty. She wears a straw hat on her head. Her hair looks unkempt and messy. So she boards the plane in Los Angeles, the actual rapper Jay-Z (52) heard. Where to go is unknown. But it never got that far.

According to the British 'Daily Mail', the model is said to have arrived not only two hours late. She is said to have left the plane after around 45 minutes. A little later, her luggage was also maneuvered out of the plane. It is also not known whether she left the jet voluntarily or was asked to do so. In front of the airport terminal, the 30-year-old really seems to have been upset by the wind.

Cara struggles with mental health issues

'Embrace your weirdness', in English something like: 'Accept your madness', it says on her Instagram page. Most recently, Cara is said to have celebrated for days in the Nevada desert at 'Burning Man 2022'. The festival is visited year after year by international celebrities, including e.g Heidi Klum (49) and the Kaulitz twins (33). However, Cara is said to have hardly eaten there and not even taken a shower! Is her airport look thanks to the desert spectacle?

For years she has been publicly having mental health problems and struggling with depression . Earlier this year she spoke about how difficult her childhood as a queer child was . cara is pansexual, loves people regardless of their gender .

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Cara is not alone

Before the model was taken away from the airport in a car, she stood in front of the terminal for some time. There she smoked, talked on the phone and didn't seem to be able to control herself anymore. The Daily Mail quotes an unspecified source as saying she couldn't control her body movements. She bent down several times, dropped her phone in the middle of a conversation and is said to have walked around as if she couldn't stop moving.

'Her friends are worried about her after some confused behavior,' the source continues. “But she has a good group around her. Her sister was at the festival.” Let's hope that the It girl will find herself again soon. (vne)

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