Why 'Elvis' Role Changed Austin Butler's Voice Forever


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Austin Butler played Elvis - and can't get rid of his voice.
Austin Butler played Elvis - and can't get rid of his voice. © action press, ActionPress, jh

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  • How Austin Butler changed his voice forever
  • Leni Klum went to the hairdresser
  • Madonna deletes all Insta entries

January 19, 2023: How Austin Butler changed his voice forever

Austin Butler is one of THE most sought-after newcomers in Hollywood - and was one of the winners at this year's „Golden Globes“ . The actor won Best Actor for his portrayal of 'Elvis' in the film of the same name. And during his acceptance speech, the audience immediately noticed: he doesn't seem to have completely shaken off the King of Rock'n'Roll yet. Almost two years after filming ended, Austin's voice is almost indistinguishable from that of the music idol - deep, slow and with a soft Southern accent. This caused some discussion on the internet.

For the Elvis role the 31-year-old had taken voice training for months. Now his teacher explained that Austin may never get rid of the musician's typical tongue stroke. 'What you saw his speech at the Golden Globes, that's ER. It's real, it's not fake,' Irene Bartlett told ABC Gold Coast. 'I'm sorry people say it's still acting, but he actually did the voice of Presley,' the expert said, adding, 'I don't know how long that's going to be, or if it's going to be.' will be there forever.'

Why Irene Bartlett suspects Austin's voice change could be permanent: 'Because of all the Covid lockdowns, he's been working on it all along and it's difficult to turn off something that you've put so much focus and time on.'

January 17, 2023: Leni Klum has her hair off

  Leni Klum went to the hairdresser.
Leni Klum went to the hairdresser. © leniklum / Instagram

That doesn't look like 'just cut the tips please' huh Leni Klum posted on her Instagram story. Heidi Klums 18-year-old daughter went to the hairdresser and seems to have left her hair neat.

'Snip snap, hair off,' Leni writes in German for the photo, in which there is a fairly large tuft of hair on the floor of the hairdressing salon. Now her followers are eagerly awaiting the first photo of the new hairstyle.

January 16th: 2023 Madonna deletes all Insta entries

  Madonna deletes all Instagram posts.
Madonna deletes all Instagram posts. © dpa, Kirsty Wigglesworth, KW PH fgj wst

In recent months, Madonna has made headlines with her suspicious appearances on Instagram . But now this: The 'Queen of Pop' has made a clean sweep and her 18.6 million fans have been staring into space since Monday. The 64-year-old recently celebrated that 40th anniversary of her debut album 'Madonna' . Could this be the reason behind the Instagram reboot? It has long been a trend among musicians to delete all photos and then just advertise a new album or tour. According to media reports, Madonna is planning a greatest hits tour that could start at the end of the year.

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