Wiesn 2022: The most beautiful accessories for dirndl


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Wiesn 2022: The most beautiful accessories for dirndl
Ursula Karven and Viktoria Lauterbach at the Madl Wiesn 2019: Which accessories will the celebrities combine with the dirndl this year? © imago/Future Image, SpotOn

Upgrade for the dirndl outfit

The Munich Oktoberfest is back. On September 17, after a two-year break, it's 'O'zapft is!' again on the Theresienwiese. We can finally get our dirndls out of the closet and stroll around the Oktoberfest, soak up the convivial atmosphere in the festival tents and enjoy beer and pretzels. As natural as these Oktoberfest classics are, it is also necessary to combine the right accessories with the dirndl. With these styling tips you can give your traditional outfit a fashionable upgrade.

statement earrings

The dirndl trend 2022 is clearly moving in the direction of high-necked models - preferably made of fine lace. There's little room for a pretty chain. This is why traditional costume fashion designers such as Kinga Mathe or Julia Trentini are opting for eye-catching statement earrings to complement their designs this Oktoberfest season. These flash under feminine braided hairstyles or hair that is worn loose and attract attention. The more conspicuous the jewelry on the ears, the better. The only important thing is that the eye-catchers are colour-coordinated with the dirndl.


In addition to statement earrings, there is another accessory that will make our Oktoberfest hearts beat faster in 2022: headbands! While flower wreaths were all the rage a few years ago, wide headbands made of velvet or similar material are now the finishing touch to Oktoberfest outfits. Headbands with a braided look are particularly popular, the color of which matches the rest of the styling. As far as the hairstyle is concerned, the headband is a real all-rounder. It can be combined with loose hair or integrated into the braided hairstyle as an accessory. Have fun experimenting!


Cardigans or traditional jackets are traditionally combined with the dirndl. How about an alternative in 2022? A stole looks elegant and gives the dirndl a cozy and warm upgrade - seen, among other things, at the traditional costume label Fuchsdeifeswuid. Depending on your taste, you can play with different details here. A stole with a filigree knitted pattern in rather reserved colors underlines the advantages of the dirndl, while a stole with large flounces or a striking pattern provides an extra eye-catcher.

basket bags

Of course we also need a bag for the Wiesn visit, in which we can stow our most important utensils. This year, small basket bags are our favorite with traditional costumes. The natural material forms a wonderful contrast to the materials and colors that are particularly popular with dirndls this year: velvet, lace and velor leather in strong berry tones or intense blue and forest green.

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