William & Kate are doing it right: That's why Charlotte won't end up as a 'reserve' like Uncle Prince Harry


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  Prince William, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis and Princess Kate
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Threatens Princess Charlotte (7) the same fate as her uncle Prinz Harry (38) ? The royal dropout revealed in his memoirs that he felt like a 'reserve' throughout his life. As the second child of King Charles (74) and his first wife Diana (†1997) he always sat on the substitutes' bench. Now he fears it could end up the same way for his niece. After all RTL royal expert Michael Begasse is sure that Prince William (40) and Princess Kate (41) have a plan in place to prevent this from happening.

Harry is worried about the royal offspring

Prince William, Princess Kate and their three children George (9) , Charlotte (7) and Louis (4) appear to the outside like a picture book family. When they appear in public, the mini royals always make a well-behaved and happy impression. But according to Prince Harry, that could change in the future. How difficult it is in his opinion, in the British royal family growing up, the whole world can currently finally in his Memoirs 'Spare' (German 'Reserve') read.

'I know that of those three children, at least one will end up like me, as a reserve, as a replacement. And that hurts, it worries me,' said the 38-year-old in a promotional interview to his autobiography with the 'Telegraph'.

Which of the three kids he meant with this prophecy, Harry left open. Presumably it refers to Charlotte or Louis. Because George, the eldest, is right behind dad William in the line of succession and will probably follow in his footsteps. On the other hand, his two younger siblings later have to find their own way. Above all, Charlotte, as the middle child, plays a special role.

Royal expert Michael Begasse: 'Loving and very responsible parents'

Harry's statement is said to have displeased William and Kate at all. According to insiders, the couple is said to have made it clear to the American-by-choice that 'George, Charlotte and Louis are not his responsibility'.

An absolutely understandable reaction, according to RTL royal expert Michael Begasse: “It is quite surprising to me that Prince Harry presumes to interfere in the upbringing of his nephews and nieces. Or even more: The little Charlotte and the sweet Louis even used to justify his book and his story as a 'spare', i.e. 'just' the number two. I'm sure he, as a father of two, would also refuse.'

The heir to the British throne and his wife have everything under control and would do their best to prepare their offspring for their future roles in the royal family. The two do everything they can to ensure that their children can grow up happier than was the case with William and Harry. 'I observe William and Kate as loving and very responsible parents who accompany their three little ones with a lot of laughter and a lot of understanding in this life - which is certainly extremely exciting for them,' explains the nobility expert.

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Are Archie and Lilibet suffering more in America?

Michael Begasse does not believe that Kate's and Williams' only daughter in particular could struggle with her fate. 'Charlotte, who in Uncle Harry's eyes would be the 'spare', i.e. the substitute wife for the king after next, has her brother George well under control. As the brother of an older sister, I will leave it to the question who 'suffers' from whom.'

And little Louis also enjoys all the freedoms of being a child. Because while William and Harry were in the focus of public interest from an early age, William and Kate raise their children in as private an environment as possible. It is important to them that their offspring grow up as normally as possible. This also included ordinary everyday activities such as visiting the supermarket.

Michael Begasse is therefore not sure 'whether the children of 'WilKat' actually suffer more than Archie and Lily do now or at some point in America far away, with almost no contact to their cousins ​​in England.' (tma)

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