Wolfgang Joop mourns Tatjana Patitz: 'She was a natural wonder'


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  Wolfgang Joop mourns Tatjana Patitz
Wolfgang Joop mourns Tatjana Patitz © picture alliance

The fashion world mourns the loss of supermodels tatjana patitz , who died at the age of just 56 as a result of breast cancer . Designer Wolfgang Joop (78) is one of the prominent companions who say goodbye to the 90s icon. The GNTM juror reports to GALA on TV with a personal video message and remembers the unforgettable nature of the native of Hamburg.

Wolfgang Joop remembers the 'time of superlatives'

Born in Hamburg in 1966, the woman with Estonian and German roots was considered one of the most important models of the 80s and 90s. In January 1990, British Vogue published a famous cover featuring the most promising models of the new decade. Tatjana Patitz was one of them. 'The time that Tatjana with her colleagues in the photo by Peter Lindbergh († 74) embodied. The time that was looking for superlatives. And you found them in these supermodels,” remembers Wolfgang on GALA on TV. 'Nature was very generous to design such girls,' he enthuses. In fact, it should Seal's ex-girlfriend appear countless times on the cover of Vogue. The magazine describes her as 'the most intense of the original supermodels '.

Wolfgang Joop can also relate to the assessment of the fashion magazine. 'It is logical that some photographers called Tatiana a husky to illustrate that her eyes were inhuman. They were more like those of a cat or a dog. The eyes were special and unforgettable,” the 78-year-old describes her look. The Nordic beauty was called “The Face” during her career.

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In the video: Heidi Gross looks at Tatjana Patitz's model career

  Heidi Gross looks at Tatjana Patitz's model career

'It's unbelievable, she was such a beautiful young woman'

'Now another one of those '90s icons is gone. It's getting poorer and poorer for me personally,' says the fashion designer, who mourns not only for Tatjana, but also for the 'time of freedom, light-heartedness and hedonism' of that time. According to Joop, it was the time 'when you asked a lot, but you also got a lot'. So does the Hamburg native, who earned worldwide fame through her work. But Tatjana was far from throwing herself in the limelight privately.

“She was one of those girls who was very thoughtful . She retired and you didn't even know what she was doing during this whole post-modeling period.' That's why the news of her death surprised him so much: 'It's unimaginable, she was such a beautiful young woman. That we would lose her to breast cancer - no one knew that.' (lkr)

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